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Integration of eCommerce and 3D Technologies: see what you buy. Introduction.

We decided to invent absolutely new revolutionary user experience in eCommerce business.We bring this slogan to live: As a customer I want to see what I buy.

Most of eCommerce solutions offer static product images, which satisfy most of seller’s requirements. This is very basic and most common approach for online stores. But it only works when you have products, which you can take a photo.

Imagine situation when you as a seller have absolutely new kind of products. For example you create furniture of different configurations. In your retail store you ask your clients what they want. After that you create mockup and demonstrate it to the client. When mockup satisfies client’s needs he choose details for different parts (e.g. legs, handles, etc.), materials (type of wood, type of fabrics, colors, etc.). At the end you have all required information to create furniture that will satisfy customer needs.

But you are not able to demonstrate it to your client until furniture is created.

You don’t know how to enlarge your business and sell online.

We solved this problem by inventing absolutely new amazing technology: eCommerce + Mockup designer + Extended product configurator + Real-time 3D visualizer.


We used Magento as the most popular eCommerce solution. We created absolutely new product type: Configurable bundle product. We created product customization workflow for customers. We add the ability to design product mockup. We added extended product configurator. We add the ability to view 3D model of the product with chosen configuration in real-time.

To be continued…

Eugene Vtorov,

Project Manager

Neklo LLC.

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