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Neklo on 3 Meet Magento events in 2015

This year Neklo participates on 3 Meet Magento Confrences as a speaker: in Belarus (September 21), Romania (October 2-3) and Switzerland (October 23). We will present 2 topics:

1) Magento applications and modules functional testing (by Igor Bondarenko, senior QA specialist).


In this report the talk will be about the features of testing Magento applications and modules. The report covers such topics as:

  • – Main features of Magento applications testing
  • – Aspects to pay your attention to when testing modules
  • – Organization of optimal test environment
  • – A reasonable approach to the automation of testing
  • – Use of automated tests for the facilitation of a routine work of developers

The report is based on real working experience and will be followed by a demonstration of examples.

2) Process organization of the Magento modules development (by Dmirty Furs, senior Magento developer).

Dmitri Furs

The report covers the following issues:

  • – How to properly organize the process of development
  • – Stages of development: from what to start and what to focus on
  • – How to minimize the time costs of the most frequently used operations carried out at the stages of preparation for the development and the development itself
  • – Tools to be used for development

See you on MM!

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