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Now iBeacons are available at factory price!

Great news for our customers!

Starting from May the 18th, we offer you iBeacon radio transmitters at a discounted price. Now Bluetooth Beacon, Cloud Beacon and Tough Beacon are sold at a producer price from , our reliable partner and a leader in the production of the iBeacon devices.

ibeacons at factory prices

The prices shown on the Kontakt.io website are ultimate, meaning they include the costs of transportation and customs clearance of the iBeacon radio transmitters. By purchasing iBeacon devices from our company, you get a complete package of documents required for a purchase. We provide an official guarantee on all kinds of the radio transmitters offered.

Now, the iBeacons price is following:

3-9 devices – $27 per item;

10-24 devices – $25 per item;

25-50 devices –  $22 per item.

* VAT is not included in the price

If you are interested in 50 beacons and more – discounts are discussed individually.

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