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Office decoration

Home is not only a place you live in or a place your where your heart is, but also a place where your mostly useless stuff is. What’s the use of a celebrity poster from the days of old or a weird cow-like creature you bought just for fun while looking for a proper bottle of wine at the nearest supermarket? And the answer is simple: such things are your memories and positive emotions. Making our office feel almost like home was a great and challenging task for a designer. So I decided to choose the images appealing to everyone and in some way related to each person’s experiences. Thus a woman standing on a hill may remind someone ofa backpack tour one had, a good work out or at least Lara Crof. Call to action verbs make the posters catchier. And carefully chosen fonts add a certain character to each poster. A picture is worth a thousand words. So have a look and enjoy.

That’s not all the posters we have. Visit us and see all of them.

Lydia Petrova,

Senior designer,

Neklo LLC

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