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Process Organization of the Magento Modules Development

Having more than 10 years of experience with Magento, we have run the gamut from being the beginners to developing our own Magento extensions. So, we know that creating a quality product takes much time, effort and is not at all as easy as it may seem.

Now, when we opened our Magento Extensions Store, we strive to share the experience we gained with those who only start working with Magento. For that purpose we actively take part in Meet Magento conferences across the countries.

Magento modules and extensions for online stores.

This time we visited Poland, where Igor Bondarenko, our Lead QA and Head of Business Development, presented his new topic “Process Organization of the Magento Modules Development”. In his report Igor spoke upon the pitfalls of Magento extensions development and the ways to organize this process in a most effective way, with lower costs and higher quality of the end product.

We would like to thank the organizers of Meet Magento Poland 2015 for inviting us to take part in this great event! It was a pleasure for us to come to Poznań and once again feel the spirit of Magento. We truly enjoyed being there and would also like to thank the speakers for their reports. Each of them was definitely worth listening to. Thank you all and see you next time!

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