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We launched our first app for tourists

We launched our first app for tourists – Any Currency Converter. Available for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad for free.

Any Currency Converter is a must-have app for those who travel, as well as for those who want to keep track of the current  Exchange Market situation.

Special features: available on Apple Watch and Bitcoin Exchange Rates.

Any Currency Converter allows you to do the following:

  • - Convert all the World`s currencies and compare them to the currency of your interest;
  • - Monitor currency fluctuations according to the recent market prices;
  • - See the full list of all the currencies available from Search;
  • - Create your own custom list of the currencies that you convert more frequently;
  • - Convert currencies on-the go using Any Currency widget in a Curtain mode;
  • - Use the app on your Apple Watch with an additional function of a voice input of a currency amount you want to convert.

Using Any Currency Converter on Apple Watch is as easy as it is on a smartphone. All of the data will be synchronized with the app installed on your phone.

Any Currency Converter, works with any currency traded on World financial markets and more!

Download Currency Converter Free on



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