A Retrospective View on About Beacon Russia 2014

The first conference in Russia dedicated to Beacon devices, iBeacon technology, and their practical implementation in various fields of business took place in Krasnodar on December 5, 2014. Held in the very heart of the city the conference united business representatives, IT specialists, and enthusiasts from various nooks of Russia, Poland, Belarus, and the USA. Being the conference organizers, NEKLO and Krasnodar IT Park would like to thank all the participants and speakers for their valuable contribution to this event. We are especially thankful to our reliable partner,, for their amazing report.



Having appeared not so long ago, iBeacon technology has already shown its effectiveness in such spheres as retail, marketing, tourism, payments, and healthcare. And the list is constantly expanding. Now it is possible to say without any exaggeration that Beacon devices may be successfully applied almost everywhere, provided there is some digital content to be assigned to a particular location. This bright potential of Beacons was the main point of interest at About Beacon Russia 2014.

Our lead of the iOS team Maxim Vialykh introduced the audience to the basics of Beacons, including their operating principles, the differences between Beacon and iBeacon, methods of information exchange, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the devices. The speaker has also dwelt upon the examples of Beacons usage and delivered a separate and highly detailed report on the specific features and problems of implementation of Beacons in iOS.

Maxim Kabluka, the guru of software development and lead of NEKLO`s Android team, devoted his speech to working with Beacons in Android. He also shared his insights and practical experience with the conference`s participants.

One more exciting report was presented by the official representative of, a Beacons manufacturing company that occupies leading positions in this field. The main emphasis was made on the existing modifications of Beacon devices and their great possibilities. The most intriguing part of this address was the introduction of Super Beacon, a revolutionary new Beacon device. It was very inspiring and absolutely amazing!

We should also thank our colleagues from San Francisco, USA, for joining us in Krasnodar via video conference. The report on using iBeacon technology for real estate business delivered by Jason Kutasi was a true highlight for everyone present.



At the conference, there was also introduced BEACON Smart Store, a hardware-software solution for business created by NEKLO.

About Beacon Russia 2014 was a completely new experience for us and we were pleased to get positive feedback from our guests who joined us that December afternoon. The conference turned out to be a successful and memorable event and we plan to give it a continuation in the near future. Thank you all for your participation and see you at the next conference!

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