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What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a small, low-powered, radio transmitter. This device emits signals allowing it to be identified by other devices.

Beacon operates using energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart technology and has a battery with an average lifespan of up to 3 years. The device is fully autonomous and does not require Internet or other network connection, as well as any maintenance or connection to an external power source.

Beacons can be placed almost anywhere it is needed and are ready to operate immediately after they are purchased.

Note: the terms Beacon and iBeacon are sometimes used interchangeably, whereas the former relates to the device itself and the latter is a trademark registered by Apple Inc. for its indoor proximity system based on iOS 7.

Purchase a Beacon

Neklo is sales partner of , the manufacturer of Beacons. Your company can purchase beacons directly at Neklo in Russia and Post Soviet Union Republics. We will provide all documents required by laws of your country.

For all the questions regarding Beacons specifications and making an order, please, contact us.