Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Ecommerce is booming today. The creation of a web store does not demand huge investments. However, the success of your ecommerce business depends on the work of the software development team you hire. 

In this article, we have come up with the factors to consider before hiring Magento developers for building a website. Our tips will help you make the right choice.

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company


Businesses today are increasingly switching from brick-and-mortar stores to online options as building a web store doesn’t seem to be a problem. Magento and a big number of other ecommerce platforms, that are used to create web stores, are open source and anyone can use them to start their website. 

However, developing a profitable ecommerce website having sustainable performance and compliant with security standards requires very deep technical expertise. Hiring an experienced Magento development company is reasonable as it will result in you getting a stable, well-performing website and quality technical support after the launch.   

Why Magento?

Recent research provided by ecommerceDB, a database of over 6,000 online shop profiles worldwide, has shown that Magento is the no. 1 ecommerce system used for online stores. 

Why do businesses opt for Magento and what are its advantages?  

No matter how many products you have and orders receive, Magento will accommodate your needs. The only limit that might hinder scalability is the size of your server. 

From the way your website looks to the configuration of your product categories and features, everything created through Magento can be custom.

Creating a Magento site from scratch is time-consuming. But as soon as your web store is running, adding and editing pages using Magento becomes simple, as the system has a straightforward content management interface.

In terms of driving conversions, Magento is surely the right option for you. The system allows to tailor promotions for showing onsite, meaning that the shoppers will only see the ads related to products they’ve clicked, purchased, or added to their cart.

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Keep Calm & Hire a Magento Team

Magento is a complex tool that requires profound technical expertise. Collaboration with Magento experts will rid you off common related problems that have to do with:

Hiring a certified Magento development team will allow you to easily avoid the above issues. By working with Magento professionals, you’re getting:

Professional Magento developers use advanced PHP coding and the latest technology stack. They will help you to timely upgrade your project’s core files as soon as an update is available, install and configure extensions, as well as create modules for the connection with ERP, invoicing, pricing, and other ecommerce-related services. 

Hiring a team of certified Magento developers will save you from dealing with the complex, technical stuff. You will be free to concentrate your time and efforts on marketing, branding, and sales, and discover new business opportunities. 

Through a dedicated development team you will be able to easily adjust the website’s theme or modify the existing logic, and follow Magento best practices. Qualified Magento development company knows how to craft a solution that will be in line with your business specifics. 

Magento experts will test your website speed, configure your Magento installation properly, and perform an all-around website optimization both on the front-end and back-end sides, ensuring better performance. 

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Cooperation with a dedicated team that represents a software development company providing Magento development services brings pros that individual developers can hardly offer. The benefits include:

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Magento Company

Choosing a technology partner directly impacts the final result and success of your ecommerce business. Still, companies and executives tend to make common mistakes when selecting a software development company to partner with. 

It’s better to avoid:

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Before Choosing a Magento Development Firm

Before you start searching for a Magento development company, consider your requirements. 3 simple questions to ask yourself, that will help you and your technology partner to figure out and develop a proper roadmap towards growth, are:

1. What are my business objectives?

Steve Jobs once said: “If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution”. A clear understanding of your business goals will help to draw up a transparent development strategy and select a team of developers matching 100% to your requirements. 

2. What is my budget and timeframes?

The budget is an essential factor during the implementation of a web development project. When it comes to adding new features and integrations, an experienced technical team will help you get the optimum solution, on budget, timeframes, and without compromising on the quality of work. 

3. How will I communicate with the developers?

Communication is key. It must be seamless and quick. A good team will provide you with a variety of tools and channels to choose from: Google Talk, Zoom, Slack, Discord, Skype, emails, and phones. Decide on several options that suit you the most. 

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

The Right Magento Development Company: 6 Points to Consider 

With a clear idea of why you need a qualified Magento development company to work with, you’ll want to learn the factors and criteria for choosing your dedicated development team. 

Below are the points that we consider to be key for selecting the right technology partner and getting the best results in the end.

1. Latest Tech & Trends Knowledge

Magento experts keep an eye out for the latest trends in ecommerce development and have an up-to-date technical toolkit. 

Make sure the software development company or team that you consider:

2. Magento Certification 

Although Magento is open source and it is not subjected to strict coding rules, it has certain standards. Magento certified developers are adept in applying the standards to projects. 

We will explain some for you to get an idea of why compliance with Magento standards is important. The main standards include:

With a team of Magento certified developers you’ll have a piece of mind and confidence to get a website built correctly from the beginning to the end.

3. Company’s Portfolio

Examine the company’s portfolio and the types of projects the teams have worked on so far to gain a better idea of the skills, implemented tasks, and delivered solutions. 

It’s a good sign if company provides:

4. Wide Spectrum of Magento Services

Here’s why it is important to trust your Magento-based project to the software developers who are able to handle other Magento-related services:

5. Quality Checks & Testing

Testing takes a significant place in the project development lifecycle. Figure out if the Magento development company you want to hire has experienced QA experts able to:

6. Maintenance & Support

Post-development maintenance and support is a guarantee that your website will run smoothly and bug-free after the launch. 

A web store developed and maintained by the Magento development team that offers continued support and long term partnership will timely upgrade and boost your project through: 

Advice to Help Choose a Magento Development Company

Summing Up

Moving your business online does not require a lot of effort. By hiring an experienced Magento development company, you will easily get your web store built quickly and exactly to your needs.

If in doubt or have questions in mind, you can always reach out to our team at NEKLO and we will help clarify all of your concerns. By working with our certified Magento developers, your project will receive all-embracing technical support. 

Now that you’ve been armed with our guide on how to hire a reliable Magento development team, you’re able to pick a perfect match for your project.

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