6 Steps to Raise the Number of Orders Through Cross-Selling

6 Steps to Raise the Number of Orders Through Cross-Selling

Through cross-selling, you can increase the average check of your customers. The aim of this tactic is to encourage store visitors to spend more while still having these people satisfied.

To help you improve and get the most out of cross-selling promotions, NEKLO team has outlined and reviewed 6 ways to increase the number of orders in an online store together with the number of return customers. 

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So far, let’s get down to cross-selling.

Introduction: What is Cross-Selling and How Does It Work?

Cross-selling is a promotional tactic that basically means offering additional products and services to customers who have already decided what they want to buy.

At NEKLO, we’ve been through numerous projects that have to do with custom software development for ecommerce and we’re convinced that the main factor of effective cross-selling is the relevance of the offer. Perhaps the best explanation for the relevant offer is when you offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.

During the shopping process, customers go through the three main stages:

From the perspective of cross-selling, the best audience are those at the third stage. The third-stage customer has already selected the product. This product shows what was the customer’s need. Understanding the customer’s need allows you to find an ideal match product to offer as part of your cross-selling promotion.

Products for your cross-sale offers can be conditionally divided into:

Cross-Selling: 6 Steps to Grow the Number of Orders

Cross-Selling_ 6 Steps to Grow the Number of Orders

Below we outline 6 steps that we have elaborated as the 6 consequent cross-selling tactics to introduce in your online store for stable sales growth.

Step 1. Use Custom Magento Extensions Working as Cross-Selling Tools

For web stores based on the Magento ecommerce platform, the use of cross-selling Magento plugins is one of the easiest ways to improve sales through cross-selling.

Cross-selling Magento modules allow for promoting various groups of products at every stage of the purchasing process. To get the maximum out of Magento extensions for cross-selling, we’d recommend you to follow these:

  1. The widget should be made noticeable and placed strategically not to distract customers from the main product they’ve placed in their cart;
  2. The widget should not be overloaded with extra information;
  3. The products promoted through cross-selling should meet the customer’s needs.

The Magento extension development team at NEKLO has created 6 powerful cross-selling Magento 2 extensions earlier at various times. Below are their main features. In addition, our cross-selling extensions can also be found at NEKLO Store.

NB! The following paragraphs are not provided here to merely advertise and impose our products on you, but to suggest a genuine, professional recommendation. As the builders of these very extensions, we truly know that they are cool.

1. Bestseller Widget

Bestseller Widget is a Magento 2 module that demonstrates your most popular products on any selected web store page. All it requires is to set the number of your best-selling items that you wish to display and select the area for the widget to place.

Why do we love it?

2. Most Reviewed Widget

Most Reviewed Widget is another one of our Magento 2 plugins for cross-selling. This widget displays the tab on the homepage of your store with the products that have got the biggest number of reviews from customers. Such a product board acts as an incentive giving additional reasons to purchase from you.

Why do we love it?

3. Most Wishful Widget

Our Most Wishful Widget will help your customers make their mind by providing them with a great variety of products that other visitors have already chosen for themselves. These are products that got starred, hearted, or put to wishlist.

Why do we love it?

4. Most Viewed Widget

Most Viewed is one of our Magento 2 modules that serve to improve cross-sales. It displays the tab of the most viewed products on any page of your store.

Why do we love it?

5. Random Product Widget

Random Product Widget is an extension for Magento 2 that displays random products from your catalog on the web store’s home page or product page. It serves to inspire your customers to add more items to their cart before they check out.

Why do we love it?

6. Recently Sold Widget

Recently Sold Widget for Magento 2 is the extension that displays the products that enjoy popularity right now. Items that have recently been purchased on your website will very likely become interesting for the new visitors of your online store.

Why do we love it?

To find out more sales motivating solutions, check out our Magento extension store.  

In ecommerce, aspects of customer experience are critical metrics. Because:

Cross-selling is a win-win solution for both customers and ecommerce business owners as this promotional technique has a positive impact on the shopping experience as a whole. Buyers get additional valuable products, the seller increases the average check.

Below are the other 5 steps for the successful integration of cross-selling.

Step 2. Group similar products into one offer

Showcase the products and their ‘cross-sale’ matches jointly. This way, customers can understand how they fit together. Show additional products on the same product page or in product description.

For example, by placing snowboards and snowboard glasses on different pages, you risk reducing the chances for cross-selling.

Step 3. Analyze users’ preferences

Use website analysis tools to determine which products to offer for cross-selling. Study the users’ behaviour on your website, analyze what they purchase, which pages they view, and in what order.

By gathering and wisely using this information, you will create the right structure of what to suggest for each cross-selling offer.

Step 4. Update your top offers

In ecommerce, discounts and special deals don’t just make them vivid. By expanding and updating the set of top offers, you will drive your customers towards a purchase decision in a much easier way. In addition, special offers help web stores to attract people to subscribe to the email newsletter.

By keeping your special offers updated, you will add more incentives to orders.

Step 5. Offer your products on time

Regardless of how long it takes to make a purchase decision, make sure to display the items that you intend to sell as additional ASAP. Otherwise, your customers will decide on the budget to spend and the cross-selling recommendations can go ignored.

There is no need to describe additional items in detail immediately. Better, implement the offer at a later stage. In this case, customers will be ready for it and will understand why they get to see it.

Step 6. Generate custom deals and product overviews

The days when people were afraid to share their information with online stores have gone. Today, customers love it when websites help them make an informed decision.

Online help might look like these: 

All these will help answer customers’ questions and determine their preferences.At the same time, by connecting the answers, you will be able to personalize further communication and motivate your customers with custom deals and special offers.

Closing Remarks

When cross-selling, don’t push your customers too hard. Remember, your primary goal should be to offer valuable items to your customers, not sell what they don’t need. If customers feel that your recommendations are beneficial, you will likely get returning customers and growing sales.

The cross-selling tactics that we have overviewed are the working tools, but not all of them can be the match for your business. This can depend greatly on the niche you work in, your market position, your target audience.

Try different methods and you will be surprised how cross-selling can increase your company’s gains and help retain customers. 

In case you still have doubts about the steps to take to improve cross-selling, ask our ecommerce custom app development team through the form on our website or directly.

Together we will work out the strategy to boost cross-selling in your web store.

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