Eddystone Beacons from Google are Available Now

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Finally, Google launched Eddystone, its platform-agnostic iBeacon competitor!Google launched Eddystone, a new open format for Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) beacons to communicate with people’s devices. To help developers build apps using this technology, Google is also debuting APIs and updating its various mobile services. Last but not least, Google is also offering a way to manage a fleet of beacons efficiently.What’s the main difference between Eddystone and iBeacon?From a customer’s or a business owner’s side you will not notice significant differences. Except one:The main advantage of a new beacon format from Google is that it connects you with users who don’t have your app installed! It supports both Android and iOS.What does it mean? You don’t have to spend money on mobile apps development special for beacons. It’s enough to install the devices, make initial settings and launch the ad campaign.Eddystone-google-beacon

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