GPS and iBeacon: Technologies That Change Cities

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GPS has changed a lot in our life, including the way we interact with the city. Having lost our way we no more look at the road signs using a smartphone instead. And that is exactly what we do whatever happens to us on the street.Needing a taxi? There is plenty of apps allowing you to order it without even making a call. They will automatically detect where you are and make the rest done for you. Looking for a café to spend some time there because the person you were to meet with is being late? Your smartphone is here again to help you. It will use your current location data to find a place close to you. What is more, before making any suggestions to you the phone will choose a place with the best rating so that you could have a nice time.And what is really important is the way GPS changes the city itself. Builders in the USA and some other countries use apps like Yelp to find the right place for their objects to be erected. The same with business owners, who use Yelp to find a place for their stores. And the most unusual here is that Yelp is not even a property portal or an estate company, being just a service publishing crowd-sourced reviews.When it comes to GPS there is one drawback to deal with. As soon as you step inside the building, GPS magic is gone. Even if it is still working you cannot rely on it anymore as indoors its accuracy leaves much to be desired.That is the reason why there have been tries taken to create a GPS equivalent for the indoors. The most successful one is known to you as the iBeacon technology.At first sight it seems quite unbelievable that small iBeacon Radio transmitters can somehow make city architecture evolve. The thing that matters here is that several iBeacon devices placed in a room are possibly the best solution in terms of location triangulation.


Especially useful to marketers and advertising specialists, these devices can be implemented in any sphere nowadays. For instance, knowing your exact location in an art gallery an iBeacon device can tell you about the painting you are in front of. At home, an iBeacon-powered app installed on your smartphone will help the automation systems run smoothly. And in a big shopping center, these devices will help you find the shops and goods you are there for.iBeacon enables architecture objects with additional features that make our lives more comfortable, thus providing us with opportunities we have never had before. Just imagine how helpful the iBeacon devices are, turning a city in a space where everything is tailored to better serve our needs.

Whether you are shopping, looking for the nearest drug store or a free parking lot, having a good time in a coffee shop, or running a business the iBeacon devices take it to the next level, giving you a nice chance to enjoy every moment of your living.