How to Speed up a Magento Store? What You Need to Do

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Speeding up a Magento store is a key priority for the majority of online retailers for whom users abandoning shopping carts because of a slow loading speed already became a headache. And according to Business Insider, this happens in about 74% of cases.Nowadays there are plenty of alternatives on the market for those who want to make their website faster. The most popular solution here is Magento extensions like NEKLO Pro Cache or a Full Page Cache.Still, to ensure smooth performance of a store and server stability during peak hours an integrated Magento optimization should be carried out.speed-up
To speed up your Magento effectively and boost its performance there should be done the following:
  • Optimization of Magento common issues: menu loading, top menu, configurable products and configuration changes the setting.
  • Current Magento installation configuration analysis: the setting of Flat Catalog Category, Flat Catalogue Product, etc.
  • Magento layout analysis: identifying unused blocks affecting your website performance.
  • Magento code optimization: finding code bottlenecks with the help of a profiler, databases optimization.
  • Magento load testing: website performance testing for investigation and evaluation of its scalability, reliability and resource usage.
  • Magento cache performance optimization: Full Page Cache installation and setting, Redis installation.
  • Hosting optimization: automated scaling, load balancing, creating highly available cluster solutions.
  • Analysis of the installed third-party extensions: code and database optimization, finding and fixing bugs.
  • Necessary extensions installation and configuration: expertise extensions installation and configuration with regard to your specific needs.
To implement all these works you need a proven team of experts with a deep understanding of both Magento and eCommerce, ready to assist you. As soon as you find one, you can relax and concentrate fully on your customers, doing your best to give them what they want and striving to meet their needs to the fullest. And there’s no doubt they will appreciate that, meaning that your sales will rise.