Make Code, Not War!

In the days when the difficult political situation determines the vector of relations between countries, it is important for their residents to maintain respectful and friendly relations with each other. It is vital to realize that a state cannot always be equated with the people who live in it.

In NEKLO we understand that and demonstrate with our own example that all people, regardless of their nationality and of the country they live in, are equally valuable and that there are no obstacles to building strong relationships between them, both professional and friendly.

We appreciate the knowledge and skills of each of the company’s employees. Our offices are located in 6 countries: the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. Every day the representatives of different nationalities work alongside there – Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians, Czechs, Kazakhs, and others. Together they solve complex professional tasks, work on common projects and prove that, whoever we are and wherever we came from, we are all equally deserving of friendship, respect, and recognition of our professional qualities. And all we have to do is to cast aside political prejudices and extend a hand to those around us.


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