Why Security Is a Priority for Web Stores

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how to secure a web storeWhile selling online, security is the second topic you should be excellently educated in after the product itself. According to vulnerability statistics, Magento security breach rate is growing rapidly, and now stands at about 3,000 broken stores a year, and revenues do not matter. Attackers do not aim at numbers, they aim at stores that neglected security and left soft spots that allow them to break in, steal data, and damage anything they can reach. This keeps happening not because the platform is unsafe and has no protection, but rather because store owners ignore crucial maintenance errors and don’t see security breaches as a danger.At NEKLO, we were addressing the issue of Magento security since day one. Our investigation and work on specific cases helped us to gain enough experience to become experts and suggest practical solutions like our Security Suite to secure an online storeBut before installing and using any security or firewall software, you need to know what you are fighting against. After analyzing 10 factors that indicate the level of Magento security, we created an Ecommerce Security Agency, a professional formation of Magento specialists from NEKLO, that focus solely on solving Magento security-related issues. What ESA can tell you about your store?
  • What Magento security patches you are lacking;
  • If your PHP version is up to date;
  • If the SSL certificate and TLS protocol you are using is valid;
  • If your store has cross-site scripting patterns;
  • How your input forms and passwords protected from intruders;
  • Malware and ransomware probability;
  • Website performance score and its downsides;
  • The level of protection from brute-force attacks.
how to secure a magento store

Why Is It Vital to Check Your Magento for Vulnerabilities?

You can never be sure if your customers’ data and card details are inaccessible because there is no foolproof guarantee. But you can take a step forward to better security by being aware of your weak points.With ESA, you have the possibility to scan your store online for free at any moment, without providing additional information or ordering a check-up. Designed by Magento developers and system administrators, the ESA scanner is the tool with the results closest to the manual professional overview of an online store, both at the frontend and backend. After scanning, you get:
  • Personalized report about your Magento condition;
  • Issues found;
  • Recommendations on what can be improved.
You will know what needs fixing. You can pass the information to your team or turn to ESA for implementing continuous development advanced services.