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Client for Life

In addition to being technical experts, we strive to be experts at listening and communicating. This understanding of your needs and process of engagement is what we call the “client for life process.” The client for life process was defined and developed to ensure that we accurately understand and anticipate your needs now and after your engagement with us.

The start of this process takes place the moment you begin to search for a development partner. Understanding where you are coming from and how you got here allows us to begin anticipating your needs. As you move through the selection process and begin to qualify potential partners, we will document our understanding of your needs and business goals in a way that everyone can understand.

Business Goals & Communication

Learning your business goals is equally important to uncovering the requirements of the current project. This high level of understanding provides a long term focus and allows us to provide suggestions based on our proven best practices and experience. The documentation of this understanding is called the “high-level requirements document.” It intentionally stays fluid and dynamic throughout your entire engagement with us. Through this powerful communication tool, you will see documentation around both current and future needs. This document is something that you will be able to take anywhere and the person reading it should have a good understanding of what you are looking to accomplish.

We know communication is one of the most important facets of a good relationship. When you select NEKLO as your development partner, we transform a complex development process into easy to understand and easy to follow stages and milestones. Meaningful communication and visibility to progress are defined throughout the process.

Process Approach

As you move through the phases of development, from kickoff, to alpha release, to beta release, all the way through to the completion of development and into production, you will feel the confidence that comes with the ability to track and measure our progress against your timelines and business goals. A long term partner always considers the future and attempts to anticipate your needs. Consistently benchmarking against these future needs keeps us from reinventing the wheel and wasting your time and money in the future.

The moment you engage NEKLO you are treated as a long term client, not just for the initial engagement or project, but for life. To us, this means that the conclusion of the initial development project does not mark the end of our relationship. We will be there to support you long after the development is completed. We have a variety of support and post warranty options available, and we will work with you to ensure that you are adequately prepared.

Planning for the Future

In addition to anticipating your post development needs, we will continually manage the documentation of potential future phases and what is sometimes considered a wish list. While it may not be on the forefront of your mind, it is comforting knowing that someone is watching the industry, technologies and tools that can impact the solutions that will help you to achieve your long term business goals.