NEKLO First Brought to Kyiv the iBeacon Technology

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Starting from July 30th and till September 27th in the Kyiv Planetarium, for the first time in Eastern Europe, there takes place an original digital exhibition “Journey beyond the Mind” of a popular American artist .Having academic art education, Android Jones won recognition from fans around the world for his digital paintings. In his fantasy pictures created with graphic editors symbols and images familiar to everybody take on a new meaning, reflecting the unique spiritual experience of a person who survived clinical death.Having worked throughout his career with George Lucas, a creator of the legendary Star Wars saga, and then in Nintendo, Android Jones is known for his love of computer technology and staginess.
In Kyiv, the artist presents his multimedia project Samskara, within which the iBeacon technology is for the first time in Ukraine demonstrated to the public.Especially for the exhibition, a Belarusian IT company NEKLO developed a mobile application based on iBeacon.
Thanks to the iBeacon devices installed at the stands with the art prints, visitors can not only enjoy the digital paintings by Android Jones but also learn more about each of the artworks exhibited. Together with a fulldome 3D-show, video installations, and dynamic sculptures it creates a unique atmosphere of the audience’s immersion into the reality of the artist.
Speaking of the technology the developers describe its core idea as follows: “The main advantage of iBeacon is its interactivity. Allowing us to attach digital information to specific objects of the physical world, it thus creates a special space within which users interact not only among themselves but also with the surrounding reality.”

The Kyiv exhibition is the first stop of the SAMSKARA art project world tour.