NEKLO is Taking Part in QA Fest 2014 in Kyiv

Igor Bondarenko, our Senior QAEngineer, is presenting NEKLO with a report at the first festival on quality assurance in Ukraine on November 1, 2014.

What is QA Fest?

QA Fest is a Ukraine-located conference for QA specialists.

Why is it called a fest and not a conference?

Though QA Fest`s main part is devoted to the reports on testing management, functional and security testing, there is also space for creativity: a separate section for communication and self-expression is organized and QA`s Got Talent is on the agenda.

What is our report about?

In a report “Crystal Agile: establishing a process aimed at product quality maximization” Igor Bondarenko, an active member of Belorussian QA club and a specialist in functional testing and security testing of web applications, will speak on how to alter development process in a team with only one QA specialist involved so that to get the maximum quality.

The official website of the event.

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