NEKLO LLC Adds Another 5-Star Review on Clutch for Outstanding Custom Software Development

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

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Bespoke software solutions have been around for quite some time now, but not a lot of people are aware of them. A lot of companies and businesses miss these opportunities every day. 

If you are still not aware, custom software is software that is specifically designed and created for a specific purpose. The biggest reason why others go to this route is that they can meet specific requirements that general software products and services don’t meet.

Custom Software Development Services in a Nutshell

For example, the most common custom software solution out there is a banking app! The beauty of these apps is that they can be created and developed in accordance with the bank’s unique requirements. Sometimes, they can also be tailored to fit the bank’s customers’ needs. 

These solutions are often made in-house, but third-party developers are also an integral part of some companies who don’t have the team to make one. After all, assembling an in-house agile software development team is quite daunting, and to be fair, not a lot of companies can make one from scratch and expect astounding results immediately.

Furthermore, custom software development follows the same processes and methodologies as other types of software development services. For example, a project will still have requirement gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment. 

Choose a Trusted Technology Partner for Custom Software Development

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If you are interested in creating your own bespoke software solutions, then NEKLO is here to help you! With over a decade of experience, our team knows the ins and outs of custom software development. 

We are always looking for challenging projects to take head-on. Just recently, our team was hired to create custom software for a solar company named Complete Solar, Inc. NEKLO Team was tapped to create proprietary software for the client and also perform the QA testing. 

“They’re highly professional, and I’m very satisfied with their work — they’re doing a great job. I haven’t heard a complaint about them missing deadlines or being unable to get a task done. Everything’s positive.”

– Carl Jasper, VP of Finance for Complete Solar, Inc

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Our company is also listed on The Manifest’s website! This is a sister company of Clutch and they provide a listing website of the best service providers all over the world. Browse top companies on their site and find the best partner for your next project.

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