NEKLO Referral Program

Refer work to us and get rewarded with 10% commission on the project cost.

With NEKLO Referral Program for software development and consulting, you also gain through custom opportunities to grow your business in return, including high-priority services, speedy support, and attractive purchase terms on our products and extensions.

We Help Organizations Grow

Refer. Benefit. Repeat.

NEKLO Referral Program Goal

Partnership is power. We value cooperation with new technology integrators and enthusiasts, as well as build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our current customers and partners.

Through our referral program, we put effort to:

  • Build mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Facilitate trust and networking;
  • Expand current business opportunities;
  • Help partners position themselves as experts.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

NEKLO Referral Program is for:

  • Software and web development companies;
  • Technology consulting agencies;
  • eCommerce evangelists and entrepreneurs;
  • Individual Magento and web developers;
  • Digital design agencies and bloggers.

How NEKLO Referral Program Works

Here’s what you need to get started.

Recommend NEKLO. You refer a potential client from your professional network to start working with NEKLO and fill in the application form on our website.

Connect us with a referral. You connect us with potential client companies, the person in charge of a project, or individuals who need custom software and/or app development, Magento development and/or services integration, custom web design and/or technical support.

Get a response. Stay in touch. As we have signed a software development agreement with your referral, our representative will reach out to you to discuss your benefits.

Get a 10% reward for your efforts. No caps on your commissions. Every $10,000 paid for the project by the referral that you sent to us brings you a $1,000 bonus.

Gain unique benefits. In case your referred client purchases our extensions , we will contact you to negotiate your individual discount prices and other bonuses.

Benefits That You Can Get

It’s a win-win. The perks you get are well worth joining our program.

10% bonus and custom pricing offers

You spread the word about NEKLO software development and consulting services and earn 10% of what a new client you refer to us spends on launching their project with us.

Gain free extra project hours

If the scope of your project that our teams are currently working on needs to be increased, we can offer you extra project hours with no additional costs.

Enjoy discounts on our Magento extensions

You’ll be added to our progressive discount program for Magento plugins. It will enable you to purchase our Magento extensions at the NEKLO Store at a much lower price.

Get prioritized support

This enables you to receive speedy help for all NEKLO Services and your Magento extensions purchased at the NEKLO Store after a direct inquiry to our specialists.

Launch product engineering collaboration

NEKLO can become your partner to help bring the development process to a point of maturity and automation. Engineering and management collaboration helps deliver better products.

Expand your outreach

Discover brand promotional opportunities. We help by joint blogging, marketing, and SEO activities, provide PR of co-branded materials and joint offers through our social media channels.

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