Enterprise Software Development Services

Through bespoke enterprise software solutions, companies accelerate the efficiency of workflows, optimize resources, and considerably cut overheads.

Team NEKLO will help you refine your business processes and reach the objectives. Choose our business software development company and get a free quote. We’re eager to help.

Types of Enterprise Software Solutions

As an enterprise software development company, NEKLO creates and helps to implement web and mobile apps aimed at facilitating and automating corporate workflows.

Enterprise app development for web

We create multifunctional web apps. With NEKLO as your trusted enterprise app development company, you receive a solution tailored to your business needs. What’s more, we never miss out on a convenient management system and a well-thought-out design.

Enterprise mobile app development

We will help you and your company’s team enjoy greater efficiency and freedom. Additionally, through enterprise mobile apps development for iOS and Android, we create business enterprise software that makes your products easier to reach for your customers.

Enterprise Application Development Services Our Clients Choose

Ready-made tools are rarely enough to satisfy different business needs. Custom software solutions will help get exactly what you want. In researching enterprise app development companies, stop by NEKLO to outsource your project.

Custom enterprise software development

Searching for a ready-made solution that serves your specific business workflows can be endless. You don’t want to end up with a tool that is inconvenient or simply ineffective. Companies are increasingly choosing custom enterprise applications development. Clients of NEKLO are also opting for solutions from scratch to fully meet the objectives.

Enterprise application integration

Through going for our enterprise mobile applications development, companies invest in the convenient organization and flexible interactions between their existing business processes. As you engage in working with us, you get a chance to improve the efficiency of your enterprise information systems.

Legacy app upgrade and modernization

Modify, upgrade, extend the capabilities of your existing solutions to optimize the workflow. We’ll gladly join your project as an enterprise mobile app development company and help edit the databases, improve your website structure, and enhance user experience.

Global Coverage

We provide our services and growth opportunities to the market globally. Customers of NEKLO come from the States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, a number of other European countries, Australia, Switzerland. “The heart” of NEKLO is located in the USA, California. Our development centers are based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania) and Georgia.

We will be glad to work with you on your project.

Features You Get Via Enterprise Mobile App Development

We’re implementing useful features and the latest versions of modern technologies. This is how we set our clients apart in today’s competitive market through enterprise software applications.


When working on an enterprise mobile app, we take into account the possibility of growth of our clients’ businesses. So, we make solutions that can easily adapt to emerging technology trends without performance drop‑offs.


An enterprise software solution developed by NEKLO will be able to interact with the tools and solutions that you already use. We don’t want to create roadblocks.

Improved security

We take the security features seriously. With NEKLO as your dedicated enterprise mobile application development company, you’re not abandoning the protection of your corporate and personal information from potential threats.

JS Frameworks

JS Frameworks are some of the key technologies that our experts use. JS allows for working with all existing tech libraries, all available API endpoints to write any functionality and create complex UI. As an enterprise solution software development company, NEKLO builds apps for real-world tasks.

Cloud Storage

We work with cloud data storage and can apply its feature‑rich functionality to your project. Cloud storage keeps information safe and easily accessible. Both enterprise mobile development teams and the ultimate users of the app will benefit from it.


Websites and corporate systems that implement a whole lot of functionalities and micro-operations CAN be fast and easy to use. We will help you achieve it. NEKLO enterprise software company develops custom apps for business without overburdening the architecture.

See Services That Complement Enterprise App Development

Custom Software Development

Our software development team builds solutions that contribute to the success of companies. We implement all the necessary experience and knowledge, fully adapted to the needs of your business.

Mobile Application Development

NEKLO mobile application development services help customers to receive apps focused on resolving various business problems, increase the efficiency of companies and save financial resources.

Custom Magento Development

Our in-house certified Magento developers have sufficient experience in the field of ecommerce to provide the most suitable solutions for your business.

How We Work to Help You Win

We’ll stick to your priorities, leaving you free of software development hassle, yet in charge of it. As an agile software development company, we follow a 5-step flexible process to deliverables.


Project Discovery and Planning

  • Requirements gathering, project evaluation, estimation;
  • Ideation, R&D, business case and architecture presentation;
  • Product roadmap and monetization strategy development.

MVP and Look & Feel Design

  • In-app user flow and interaction prototyping;
  • Creating human-centered UI designs;
  • Building PoC or MVP to check your idea’s feasibility.

Software Development

  • High-load back-end and low-latency front-end building;
  • Providing required API gateway features and data encryption;
  • Project analysis, code review, sanity-checks.

Quality Assurance

  • Functional and usability tests both automated and manual;
  • Crash tracking and software quality standard compliance check;
  • Ensuring the required platform and popular browser support.

Launch and Support

  • Defining software go-to-market and release strategy;
  • Delivering patches, post-launch support upon your request;
  • Making analytics-driven feature updates, optimization.

Project Budgeting

For our customers, we offer both bundled rate plans and individual rate plans for each separate software service. The bundled rates are set for each NEKLO developer and include the costs for ¼ time of a QA engineer, a DevOps specialist, and a Project Manager. A bundled rate is preferable if you are opting for a combination of our services or our all-inclusive services.

Why Choose Team NEKLO?

Entrust your project to our credentialed enterprise software management team. Acquire a partner able to make your project show measurable results.

We have deep experience

Over 10 years of experience in tech overall. Within enterprise mobile applications development, we work with various industries and create industry-specific solutions.

We’ll meet timeframes

We divide the work on your project into stages. Clients can make changes based on test results or strategy development. We are agile. So, you can get a ready-made solution in a short time.

QA at NEKLO is strong

We have a powerful team of testers. They evaluate enterprise solutions at each phase of development and protect the interests of our clients. The process helps eliminate risks.

We ensure confidentiality

By choosing NEKLO among all app-building companies, you’re choosing a partner who cares about the interests of your business. Your commercial and related info is protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Industries We Welcome

We work with large and start up-scale companies across any industry. Whether you are an IT company, web agency, ecommerce agency, online store owner, or an enterprise business, we can help you get your impactful software solutions that will maximize your benefits.

Retail & Ecommerce

Engaging and intuitive software applications for online stores and digital retail business.

Tech Leaders

We help software engineers and technology experts to meet their outcomes.


Custom enterprise software development services with advanced analytics and support.

Energy & Transportation

Smart software solutions for logistics and transport management systems.

Healthcare Providers

Reliable software development solutions and platforms to support the medical industry.

Marketing & Advertising

Data-driven, business intelligence applications and software for MarTech products.


Taking quality control and security of broadcasting and connectivity to new standards.


Competitive, large-scale implementations to help create the cities of tomorrow.

Fintech & Banking

Robust software and apps that help satisfy customer and business modern financial needs.

Extension Development for Magento

Our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and ecommerce solutions will become your easiest way for eсommerce store optimization. You can outsource software development to us or purchase a ready-made Magento extension at NEKLO Store.

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Along with our outsourced IT services, we’re eager to create helpful content. In our weekly blog articles and growth insights, you can learn about the features and peculiarities of the agile software development life cycle.

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