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Android games aren’t the only use for this platform; EVERY business needs a well-designed mobile app


Not long ago, launching a successful startup took a lot: A lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of time. Nowadays, we have better technologies that allow us to build applications for the web and mobile phones much faster. Despite these advances, it’s not uncommon to see startups spend over a year without ever releasing anything. Some get “feature-itis”, others have difficulty recruiting technical talent, others are ashamed to release something that doesn’t live up to their expectations. We founded Brockway Media to help entrepreneurs filter their ideas into viable products and then bring those products to market quickly.



    We help you define and prioritize product features to achieve business goals.



    We work together to mockup and design a simple, beautiful user interface.



    Over several weeks, we build the first version of your product with your continuous feedback.



    We devote a full week after each project to quality assurance testing.


  • Unlike traditional development shops, we don’t just accept product requirements and crank out code (we do crank out code, but that comes later!). Instead, our process begins with product strategy, user stories, user experience testing, and interviews. This initial phase gives everyone more insight into what specific problems exist in the market and how best to address them. From here, we work with entrepreneurs to prioritize product features.

  • With a full set of designs that we understand completely, we can build an application rapidly. Our development process leverages the knowledge and libraries we’ve built over the course of launching over a dozen startups. This allows us to easily incorporate key features while spending more time on whatever technical complexities your project presents. During the build, we meet regularly with entrepreneurs to demonstrate our progress.




Q & A

How Long Will My Project Take?

From user experience through quality assurance testing, our typical project takes 16 weeks. Why 16 weeks? We’ve found that that’s enough time for us to do a thorough job on each of the phases while not so much time that we get bogged down in minutia that aren’t really necessary to test the startup’s main business assumptions. We are firm believers that getting a product in front of actual users is far more valuable than building extra small features that probably won’t have a great effect for better or for worse. Instead, we want entrepreneurs to wait to build additional features until they have proof from users that those features will really help.

How Much Will My Project Cost?

Exact pricing depends on the project, but our typical project costs $100k and 5% equity for a 16-week project. In certain cases we are able to flex the cash/equity ratio.

Why Do We Charge Equity?

We take equity in companies for several reasons. Firstly, it helps us keep our fees lower. Secondly, it gives us more incentive to plan for the product’s growth and success. As equity holders, we have a stake in continuing to provide technical advice, take technical interviews and offer strategic advice long after our initial build is over.

What Technologies Do You Use?

We have diverse expertise with various technologies in Product Development, Cloud Computing, Big Data, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Data Warehousing, Web Development, Mobile Development. Exact technologies depend on the project but generally we utilize multitude of frameworks across following programming languages: Java, PHP, Objective C, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Amazon S3, Github, Stripe.