New Version of Magento Monitoring is Released!

Our awesome app becomes even better!A new version of Magento Monitoring is already available on iTunes!
Mobile app changelogs:
  • New notifications settings: inventory, low stock, report errors, logs errors, new orders;
  • Daily sales report on new customers and purchases;
  • Load average notifications added;
  • New indexers screen added;
  • New cachers screen added.
We also updated ‪‎Magento‬ Monitoring Module!Module changelogs:
  • Notifications on new orders – on all or exceptional only (payment amount exceeded, number of items exceeded).
  • Notifications on inventory changes – a product becomes out of stock or drops to low inventory (with the possibility to set value for each attribute set).
  • Daily sales report notifications – every day at the time pointed a notification comes with information gathered during the previous day.
  • Ability to view indexers and cache state added.


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