Meeting Point: NEKLO at Freaky Summer Party 2016 in Minsk

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Summertime is meant for eating fruit, catching the rainbow, counting the seconds until the thunder, and enjoying life in all its colors. And while you’ve been resting from work, hiding from the heat inside a cool office, or planning your weekend, we in NEKLO worked hard on our latest large-scale project to brighten up your summer.Inspired by last year’s success, we took a deep breath and plunged into the adventure called Freaky Summer Party 2016.Art-picnic FSP is an annual open-air city festival taking place in Minsk in an alcohol-free format. The bulk of the audience is made up of Instagram-looking kind of boys and girls, new parents and mix-aged adherents of indie.
Our cooperation with the FSP team began in 2015: the organizers of the art picnic contacted us with a proposal to participate in the development of the official FSP app. Our main task was to enhance the app with the iBeacon support for greater interactivity. For us then it was a great chance to test the technology in action, and we agreed. During the festival day, there were 2618 users who tried iBeacon.In 2016, FSP has moved to a new venue and for the first time took two days, July 23 and 24. Prior to the event, we had to muster the strength and arm ourselves with all our experience to make the app even more informative, handy, and functional.Having teamed up with the guys from POCKET ROCKET CREATIVE and ISKRA AGENCY, we rethought the Art Picnic FSP app and released an updated version of it, with a revised design and enhanced functionality.Available on iOS and Android, this app lets the guests of the festival see and hear all the most interesting of what had been happening there, and additionally do the following:
  • View the FSP map with navigation
  • View the schedule of performances
  • Create a personal lineup
  • Take part in bonus iBeacon quests
  • Receive promo codes
  • View photos posted to Instagram with the hashtag #ilovefsp
The app users easily oriented themselves in location, as well as in sports and activities presented at the festival: there traditionally were 4 scenes, a dance floor, an edutainment, and a kids zone, a food court, and a fashion market.This time there was still more entertainment: visitors could try on virtual reality goggles, play with the Lego, learn to dance capoeira, tattoo a banana, or have their picture taken in one of the beautifully decorated locations. At the NEKLO spot, there was a possibility to take a break, compete on game consoles and take some souvenir stickers to put them on a smartphone or a laptop.We’ve been staying at the art picnic for the whole two days. All this time we’ve been communicating a lot, earning prizes, getting acquainted with the other participants, trying detox water, smoothies, and falafel, balancing on a tightrope, and actively exploring new bright experiences.Things we remembered: dancing and drive at the Jam Market, vibrant master classes in Brazilian samba, lively discussions in the edutainment zone, crazy airbag jumping, beautiful people, atmospheric live performances of Mujuice and Balthazar, plenty of music, lemonade, and sincere emotions. And we are pleased to have been a part of it.

Thanks to everyone who came and joined us. We hope you enjoyed our app. See you at the FSP 2017!