Our Software Engineering Tech Stack

With the robust web development frameworks and libs in our arsenal, we establish efficient software architecture able to handle high-load back-ends, multiple requests, and modern API gateways.

Whether you need a technology partner to jump in an ongoing project or for handling the entire SDLC process, NEKLO software engineers will sure have you covered.


Custom Web Development

We build web applications with React, take full advantage of the JavaScript’s ES5 and ES6 in both the monolith and microservice environments.

We use MobX and its built-in abstractions facilitating digestible code and implement complex scenarios and queries through Elasticsearch’s scalable search and analytics engine.

Dedicated Development Team

Our Node.js and Angular 2 experts apply object-oriented programming in TypeScript and other modern web app development principles. Through utilizing Redux and jQuery libs, as well as JavaScript’s Vue, Knockout, and Prototype frameworks, we facilitate event handling and dynamic UI/UX on the front-end side of a solution and a website development.

DevOps Services and Solutions

Docker, Kubernetes, Varnish, and Redis Cache are only some of the tooling we have in our DevOps technology stack to operate, optimize, and evolve systems and apps.

Through our UI design services, we will help you make your customers’ user experience more attractive visually and flexible in terms of cross-platform support.

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Vow To Be Chic

Vow To Be Chic



Toolkit for Magento Development

Magento Migration and Upgrade

We make sure to apply the latest versions of PHP and MySQL to ensure sustainable communication between the existing and the new databases.

Magento Development and Customization

We design a simple and standardized approach when extending or replacing default Magento JavaScript components and widgets.

Custom Theme Development

We create common Magento 2 themes coded with React and other JavaScript libs and frameworks, as well as lightweight “single-page” solutions.

Custom Website and Extension Development

To polish Magento’s eCommerce structures, we utilize the Vue.js framework as the application’s (store’s) comprehensive front-end library.

Custom Magento Functionality

By introducing custom Knockout components, we gain insight into the checkout rendering, HTML template processing, and data syncing.

Custom Magento Integration

NEKLO developers incorporate REST and Amazon Cloud as a content server by default to integrate websites with 3rd party platforms.

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Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia



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