Log Monitoring and Notification. New Extension by NEKLO

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notification extension magentoNEKLO releases a brand new extension for Magento 2 — Log Monitoring and Notification Extension, which primary function is to provide full supervision over Magento logs and reports in the admin panel and grant precise error notification for multiple users.Log Monitoring And Notification features:
  • Grids with management options;
  • Cron jobs scheduling opportunities;
  • Flexible email notification system.
With Log Monitoring And Notification extension, you will:

1. Track everything that happens to log files and reports instantly.

The contents of var/log and var/report folders are displayed in the form of grids. The var/log and var/reports grids provide access to the extensive information about log errors and reports. You can see everything you need to know about: from report messages and error types to the time the notifications were sent to the email recipients.

2. Adjust the notification flow for your needs in Email Settings.

Depending on how you want the notifications to work, you can set your own rules. You can assign any users as the notification recipients, set the frequency of emails, and indicate the level of the errors to be informed, and how often the emails should come. Automatic notifications and repetitive emails can be enabled to make the monitoring process fast and easy for multiple users.   

3. Assign the cron jobs for var/log and var/report grids according to preferable schedule.

You can manage cron activity fo var/log and var/report tables. The options for managing table contents cover data fetching from var/log and var/report folders, time limits for file flushing, archivation and removal, and the frequency for managing contents of the tables.  To be aware of online store issues on time, extend Magento monitoring possibilities with Log Monitoring and Notification Extension.