At Neklo we use the latest Technologies to create powerful yet smart applications for our clients

With cloud computing it is easy to keep a virtual office or a mobile office working smoothly and efficiently

With Neklo, your brand is at your customers’ fingertips whenever they are ready to buy from you

At Neklo we use the latest Technologies to create powerful yet smart applications for our clients

Your Ideas – our development. High quality, real terms, perfect prices. We do not have unsatisfied clients

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NEKLO is a fast growing
Product engineering company focused on helping software companies create innovative products for the next generation. Headquartered in San Bruno, NEKLO has proven expertise and a deep domain understanding of technology to deliver software engineering services such as software product development (web/non web), product migration, software testing and custom application development maintenance to enterprises spread across the globe. NEKLO is committed to building lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results. We provide full range of nearshore and offshore software development services, from custom programming services to mobile application design. You can hire our specialists to extend your team remotely or order full cycle software development process.

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We strive to develop a superior software for our customers through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.

We believe in respect for our users
Customers have since the beginning shaped our features and spread the word to the uninitiated. Thanks to this interaction NEKLO exists today, both as an organization and as a technology leader. NEKLO will never forget that its main focus is the customer.

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Client for Life
In addition to being technical experts, we strive to be experts at listening and communicating. This understanding of your needs and process of engagement is what we call the “client for life process.” The client for life process was defined and developed to ensure that we accurately understand and anticipate your needs now and after your engagement with us.

The start of this process takes place the moment you begin to search for a development partner. Understanding where you are coming from and how you got here allows us to begin anticipating your needs. As you move through the selection process and begin to qualify potential partners, we will document our understanding of your needs and business goals in a way that everyone can understand.

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At Neklo we use the latest Technologies

Mobile software development company
  • Java development
  • PHP development
  • .Net development
  • iOS and Android software
  • HTML5 and CSS3 development
  • Graphic and UI design
  • Video technologies
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Web applications
  • Cloud computing
  • System administration
  • Database Architecture


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    A mobile service with an innovative approach of converting the traffic of people passing by an e-commerce outlet to the incoming traffic of this e-commerce outlet.

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    The first comprehensive eCommerce back-end and merchant system and content management system – disguised as a video player…

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    Revolutionary new user experience in eCommerce. Allows to create and purchase custom sofa design and get real-time 3D product preview with chosen configuration, fabrics, colors, and other options.

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