Cache Pro v1.0.0: New Extension Boosting Magento Performance

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cacheproMagento offers a wide range of great opportunities for businesses online. Still, slow performance is a common issue for the majority of stores running on Magento. The standard solution here is to use an accelerator or a full page cache to lower the number of requests sent to a server and thus make website pages load faster. And here most companies experience certain difficulties, as to apply the solution to practice there should be code changes introduced.Caring about our customers first, we developed a solution allowing store owners to enhance the performance of their Magento in a few clicks, saving money on hiring developers to adjust your cache. We are happy to introduce you to our Cache Pro extension, a powerful and handy optimization tool for raising website loading speed.Released on November 1, 2016, and has proved its efficiency on our enterprise clients’ stores, it is now available for public access.Unlike standard caching solutions, our Cache Pro Extension gives you the possibility to use it even on the pages like checkout and customer accounts, where a full-page cache cannot be applied. Highly flexible, it gives you freedom of choice: there’s a default caching already set for some of the Magento blocks and a presets mode allowing you to save your custom cache configuration.

For information on our Cache Pro Extension follow the link.