May 3, 2024

Cross-Selling Techniques: Boosting Sales Through Neklo's Blog



Cross selling – How to raise the amount of orders!



Cross selling – How to raise the amount of orders!

Cross-selling is the sale of various similar goods and services to one customer. Good cross-selling promotion can increase the average check of every fourth customer. And there’s more. Customers can spend five times more and still remain satisfied. In this article, we’ll talk about some steps that can be done to improve cross-selling.

How does cross selling work? The main factor of effective cross-selling is an offer’s relevance. Perhaps the best definition of the essence of relevance is to offer to the right customers the right product at the right time and place. All customers go through the three main stages of solving their issues:

  1. Investigation – finding ways to solve an existing problem.
  2. Selection – evaluation and analysis of a selected solution.
  3. Purchase – the customer makes a decision and is ready to purchase the product.

The most perspective for cross-selling are the users at the third stage. The customer has already decided on the way to solve his problem and is going to buy the product. The product he chooses shows the seller what kind of a problem this particular customer has. And knowledge of the problem allows us to find a relevant product for a cross-selling offer. Products for cross sales can be conditionally divided into additional and spontaneous (emotional) goods.

Additional product and services

Additional products upgrade the selected product to the ultimate version and allow customers to fully solve the problem. If a customer buys a camera, then a lens, a memory card, or a tripod can be used as an additional cross-selling product.

Spontaneous products

Spontaneous products are bought under the influence of emotions. They don’t complete the primary product but are related to a common topic. Analyze the range of goods and services and gather a group of compatible products.

Call to Action

The success of your cross-selling strategy depends on the place where the points of contact with clients will be located. Featured Products Widgets are usually placed in where the users are confident in purchase decisions.

The choice of a contact point is determined by the customer’s purchase scenario in each particular online store. First-time customers can come across featured products on a product page. This is a place customers see your featured offers for the first time. At this stage, customers are not sure if they will buy your product or not. They will not even necessarily notice your additional offer. The second chance for you to drive your customers’ attention to the featured products is to show them in the cart.

Also, a featured products widget can be placed on a Purchase confirmation page. So you can increase the number of customer contact points with your product

Steps to do right now

  1. Select similar product groups and combine them into one offer.
  2. Analyze user’s preferences – viewed pages and selected products.
  3. Update your top offers, sales and provide up-to-date information.
  4. Offer your products on time. Offer your customers a product before they find it elsewhere.
  5. Motivate your customers. You can use sales, experts review, special offers and other calls to action.

Using cross selling widgets

  1. A widget should be noticeable, but it should not distract a customer from the main product.
  2. A widget shouldn’t be overloaded.
  3. The recommendation should meet customer’s expectations.

There is no universal strategy for cross-selling. The key to success is constant experiments and analysis of customers’ needs. Then, step by step you will come up with a perfect strategy for your store.