March 27, 2024

eCommerce Leading Trends Come to the Czech Republic



March 27, 2024

eCommerce Leading Trends Come to the Czech Republic



eCommerce in the Czech Republic is rapidly gaining popularity and online sales turnover is increasing continuously year by year. That happens because the majority of people nowadays prefer buying online to actually going out shopping, opting for bigger choice, less hassle and more comfort. Thus, according to, in 2015 Czechs spent a record CZK 81 billion on online purchases, that is 21% more than the preceding year. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Trying to keep up with the industry, companies move their business to the Internet, shifting to a more interactive way of selling. And while some of them also continue selling offline or at least keep a shop as a showroom, others don’t even have a physical store, concentrating fully on the online.

The reality is that with eCommerce coming to the forefront the number of such companies will be increasing dramatically with the months going by. And the statistics are eloquent of it. In 2015 the share of online stores in the Czech retail market increased by 1% and reached a level of 8.1%. As claimed by the experts from the Association for Electronic Commerce in the Czech Republic (APEK), by the next two years it is predicted to reach 10%. On this indicator, the Czech Republic is now roughly on par with Germany (7.3% in 2014) and Austria (7.2%). For comparison, the share of online stores in the retail market in Hungary is 3.7% only and in Poland is 5.4%. So, unless you have already started to sell online, it`s high time for you to go for eCommerce now, to get closer to your customers and boost sales.

How to start an online store?

Once you decided to build an online business there arises a question which framework to choose for your store to run on. With over $50B in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually, Magento is a leader in the online retail market and a perfect solution for a business.

Some of the world-famous brands including Nike, Ford, Samsung, Lenovo, Christian Louboutin and Mothercare already use Magento for their websites. Inspired by their example and captivated by the amazing possibilities this cm offers to businesses across the globe, more and more companies today choose Magento to power their stores.

To start selling with Magento is easy as there’s a global community helping merchants to launch a store on Magento and drive sales.

Magento community

Uniting 300+ solution and technology partners and more than 66,000 developers worldwide, Magento community helps brands and retailers better engage with the customers providing them with the seamless shopping experience. The heart and soul of the community are Meet Magento Association, a non-profit organization, supporting Magento users across the globe at any level and enabling eCommerce for businesses worldwide. The Association handles all the activities regarding the Meet Magento events internationally and the localized Magento editions. The mission of the Meet Magento Association is to help companies explore the great opportunities the Magento platform offers to merchants and make their business on the Internet grow.

What is Meet Magento?

Meet Magento is the leading eCommerce conference for Magento and a core of the Magento world. A global platform for sharing experience, Meet Magento unites merchants, developers and IT enthusiasts in more than 24 countries. Annually the Conference travels across the continents, bringing together business and IT on the ground of eCommerce. Traditionally gathering hundreds of participants coming to learn, network and make contacts, each Meet Magento conference is a truly remarkable event and a great opportunity for developers to grow professionally and a chance for companies to find new partners and meet their own dream team of developers.

On March 31 – April 1, 2016, for the first time ever Meet Magento will take place in Prague, brought here by Neklo.

Meet Magento CZ 2016: Your New Perspectives

Meet Magento CZ 2016 will go down in history as the first conference for Magento held in the Czech Republic. Becoming a participant, you will bring your business to a new level and brighten up your career with new great opportunities.

The Conference features a 3-day rich program with a lot of fun, networking and pleasant surprises. Want to be there? You still have the chance to join!

How will you benefit from taking part in the Conference?

Are you a Developer?

  • Come and learn Magento tips and tricks from the true experts of eCommerce
  • Drive inspiration from the industry leaders at the workshops from Microsoft and the Conference Partners
  • Find your prospective employer

Are you a Merchant?

  • Explore new opportunities for growth
  • Learn the latest eCommerce trends and innovations
  • Find out how to make your store a perfect place to buy

Are you a Business Owner?

  • Find new partners
  • Get insights on how to boost your business performance and drive sales with Magento
  • Find a dream team of developers to build a perfect eCommerce store for you

What to expect from Meet Magento 2016 in Prague: Agenda

The starting point of Meet Magento CZ 2016 is March 30th, or Day 0. Exclusively for the Meet Magento CZ 2016 participants to catch the mood and get to know each other there will be a walking tour along with the Prague’s most famous sites, accompanied by an English-speaking guide. The second day will be devoted to the topics on Magento technologies and the latest eCommerce trends. The Speakers of Meet Magento Czech Republic are industry renowned techies, Magento gurus and business owners. Coming to Prague with their inspiring talks, they will share their insights and experience-driven how-tos with the Conference participants, unveiling the secrets for success in eCommerce. Later in the evening for all the Meet Magento CZ guests and Speakers, there will be a huge after-party. And while the venue is currently kept under a secret, warm atmosphere and fine Czech beer are already guaranteed.And, finally, on the last day of the Conference, the participants will get a truly unique chance to visit a series of extremely useful workshops in the office of Microsoft, the world-known technology leader.

Still don’t have a ticket? Hurry up to get it now.

About NEKLO, the organizer of Meet Magento CZ 2016

NEKLO is a product engineering company focused on software and high-loaded web-projects development, applications and mobile platforms development, as well as on integrated e-Commerce solutions. Providing top-notch technology solutions to its customers worldwide since 2009, NEKLO has gathered a vast portfolio of cutting-edge Magento powered websites built for companies from North America, Europe and the CIS. Today the company offers a full range of Magento development and maintenance services, including custom development, Magento Speedup and Magento 2 migration.