May 3, 2024

Mastering Instagram Promotions: Strategies for Success



Instagram Promotions: Things to Do Right Now



Instagram Promotions: Things to Do Right Now

Instagram is the fastest developing social network and its popularity is growing quickly. Instagram users show better involvement in interaction with other brands. In contrast to Facebook, Instagram is not filled up with a huge amount of content. The visual content of Instagram is a thousand times easier perceived than the text content of Facebook. Users use their smartphones to surf throw Instagram. It is a perfect social network for those who live at a frantic pace.

Why does your business need instagram? In spring 2017 active audience of Instagram was 700 million people. 20% of them are older than 18. The average user age is between 18 and 29 years old. 60% of users check their Instagram account once a day and 35 % do it more than one time. All this data shows that the possibilities of Instagram are priceless. If you are an online business owner and still do not use Instagram as a means for sales then it’s high time for you to think about it. Of course, the Instagram promotion won’t suit every business. Such industries as insurance, internet trading are not suitable for Instagram.

eCommerce based on the visual component, such as clothing, cosmetics, tourism, or DIY, is well sold in Instagram. Another reason to bring your business to Instagram is the possibility to create a business account. This feature gives extended capabilities to promote your business.

  • “Contact us” button – allows to make a call, send an email, or create a route in Google Maps. Customers can do this right from the Instagram account. It will be the first step of integrating Instagram into your business processes.
  • Instagram Analytic tool – it shows new subscribers, the most popular posts, post coverage, and you can set custom conversion.

Some merchants use Instagram only and have quite a successful business. But for full promotion, eCommerce should use a combination of all possibilities, integrate web store with Instagram, and look for customers on all resources.

Design Your Page – Make the User Love You at First Sight

A profile photo affects what the first impression of your page will be. If users don’t like your page at first sight they will go away. When choosing an image pay attention to the following things:

  • Round image format – you can rethink your logo and create a creative variant of it
  • Your profile photo should explain what is this page about
  • Differentiate your logo from other similar accounts.

Posts: Stop Making Garbage!

The next step is content. You shouldn’t only show your product. Products don’t sell themselves, feelings and expectations do. Users follow pages with beautiful images. For most users, it doesn’t even matter if this is an advertisement, provided the images are of high quality.

Watermarks are not the thing you should worry about. If watermarks make your photo worse – don’t use them.You can use stylish brand logo in your content.

Use Video Content

Video posts became a successful solution for Instagram. The length was increased from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Website Syndicast predicts that 75% of the whole internet traffic of 2017 will be generated by video content.

What Can be in Your Video?

  • Short learning content. One minute is quiet enough to show some useful tips. Just in a minute, you can explain how to cook a perfect burger.
  • Show you products in action. Here is a good example of trends usage by Kärcher
  • Associate your brand with some activity. Red Bull account fully consists of video content of extreme sports. You can see the brand’s name in any video and users are starting to associate all extreme sports with the brand. 7.5 million followers of Red Bull is proof.
  • Show your company’s internal processes. Customers feel more confident when they see a team of real people hidden under the brand logo.

Integration and Cross-Selling is Another Step to Success

Some businesses can sell directly through Instagram. Others don’t use Instagram and all sales go through the webstore. For a successful lead generation, customers should be driven by all the possible resources. And this is the case web store and social media integration is needed.

Integrate all Rsources in One Line up

Conversion can occur at any stage of user interaction with a brand. A business owner’s aim is to go through the sales funnel and offer exceptionally high-quality content and a great commercial proposal. Integrating Instagram to Magento is very difficult because of the closed Instagram API. The Neklo team has investigated how Instagram displays photos and created a new Magento 2 extension. Instagram Pro Extension for Magento 2 is an easy way to connect Instagram with your webstore. The extension allows you to display the photos needed by a hashtag or a client’s ID.

Rules of Great Content

  • High-quality images and video. No one wants to look at the content of pixels if it is not a Minecraft.
  • Content should be related to your business. Kitties won’t help you to sell if you are not a vet clinic.
  • Your posts are not only advertisements. Content can inspire and entertain. Educate and convince your customers. Use all the variety of content.

The main task of your website and social media is to satisfy the client’s needs. That is why it is crucial to understand the needs of your client on different resources to solve them in your accounts.