March 12, 2024

Magento Security Suite – Make Security a Priority





Security Suite is a brand new extension by Neklo, which offers a complex solution to protect your Magento store and your customers from the most common threats, such as hack attacks, unauthorized admin users, and malware. All-in-one extensions can manage access restrictions, monitor admin users’ activity including sessions and login attempts, and equip your webstore with two-factor authentication and advanced password settings. Security Suite is able to detect any suspicious activity and report everything that is considered important by email notifications.

Magento Security Suite is a second to none security tool on the extension market. There’s no need to risk your store security by accidentally leaving some components behind and unprotected. You won’t have to use multiple third-party extensions and get unreliable results anymore, because Security Suite has it all now. Every guard feature you can think of is already added and tuned to give you the most online protection from internal and external threats.Customize the level of security to the specific needs of your store with Security Suite extension. The features include:

1. Admin users performance supervision

  • Full control over active admin user sessions
  • Viewing sessions of each admin user
  • Monitoring login attempts and actions by admin users

2. Password strength configuration

  • Advanced password requirements
  • Password lifetime settings

3. Malicious activity prevention

  • Two-factor authentication for admin users
  • Email notifications about admin activities
  • Lock user function
  • MageReport scanning upon request