Graph API No More a Problem: New Instagram Feed Magento Extension

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that within 10 years has stolen the scene and turned out to be the most well-liked app for photos dissemination. With a total amount of more than 1 billion users, it is not just an application for sharing photos of your breakfast or a funny video with cats.

Instagram has become a real market, a place suitable for making business and money. That is why it seems a good idea to use Instagram as a means to develop your online business.

Instagram Feed Magento Extension

2 years ago Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, decided to find a solution for boosting users’ privacy and security. They replaced their old API with a new one: Graph API.

To keep your website linked with Instagram through the new API, we’ve created an up-to-date Magento extension for Instagram Feed.

Instagram Feed Meets the New API

Instagram Magento Extension

What is a new Graph API? To put it simply, it is such an Application Programming Interface that organizes all the data in terms of nodes and edges (objects and relationships), so the Client gets an opportunity for interaction with multiple nodes sending a single request.

The updated API brought the following features:

Moreover, the new API promotes business discovery by getting basic metadata and metrics for other Instagram Business Accounts.

What’s Particular for Online Stores?

Instagram Extension

One of the main novelties for online-stores owners’ results in the necessity to use Instagram Business profile rather than a Personal one in case they want to be able to access business features and Instagram Insights. Accordingly, one has to turn the Instagram profile Business if it is planned to be used as a source of images displayed on the store’s website.

However, it seems useful for business development as it gives a perfect opportunity to see who is engaging with your business on the most well-known photo-sharing application.

Besides, starting from March 02, 2020, Instagram no longer provides access to its old API that has been previously used to show feeds from Personal Instagram accounts. It is another impulse to start benefiting from the features that can boost your business and our new Magento extension for Instagram Feed provides you with the chance to do it.

New Opportunities

It is evident that e-commerce is immense competition and to win the audience your store shall have its hallmarks and be a source of engaging shopping experience. This, in turn, requires you to keep in touch with the social networks and with Instagram in particular, as this platform turned out to be the most helpful in e-commerce business.

That is why it is important to have connections with Instagram up and running on your website.


Instagram integration extension

Nowadays the market suggests a variety of solutions for making the interaction between your business and the most powerful social network coherent and trouble-free, like our new Instagram Feed for Magento 1 and Magento 2. These extensions enable you to display the posts from several Instagram accounts linked to the same Facebook Business Page.

Fitted with a rich variety of features, not only do they function through the latest Graph API, but empower you to feel free while integrating Instagram posts to your website. It’s you to decide where and how to place the widget, how many posts to show, and what additional information your customers will get.

These extensions will live Instagram API changes, giving your business new opportunities to expand and making your clients more satisfied with your store.

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