Meet Magento Netherlands 2016: May 12-13

The first Meet Magento was in the Netherlands and this year it’s time for the 8th edition.Meet Magento started as a community event and evolved in a game-changing innovation event. E-commerce managers, Marketeers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and other interested people are coming from all over Europe to learn from the best.Learn, get informed, connect and renew knowledge.Over 50 speakers, sessions and workshops are planned for Thursday 12th and Friday the 13th this week.Meet-Magento Tickets for Meet Magento 2016

Day 1: 12th of may

On Thursday the 12th of may, Meet Magento is especially helping more than 300 e-commerce managers and webshop owners that are thinking to change their webshop platform. Several people from Magento and webshop owners that have a Magento Shop will tell their story and are available for the questions they have. At the Roundtables, different topics will be treated to inform and inspire the visitor to maybe take the step to a Magento webshop or even to change to Magento 2.

Day 2: 13th of may

 On Friday we launch the community day at Meet Magento. But as announced, it’s also very interesting for e-commerce managers, entrepreneurs, webshop owners and marketers that aren’t working with Magento (yet). The 40+ speakers that will visit the 8 different areasare interesting for all visitors. Because there are so many speakers, the tracks are split up: Development track and an eCommerce tracking.quote-online-jarno

The sessions program of Meet Magento 2016 – Day 2

  • Update Magento 2.0 & roadmap door Ben Marks – Developer, Trainer & Evangelist
  • Seo audit, hoe doe je dat? – Maurice Lehr – SEO specialist & internet marketing consultant – Site Succes
  • Magento implementation of B2B platform – Dutchento Anna Lankauf – User Experience Strategist – Divante
  • Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 – Dutchento Matthias Zeis – Technical Lead – LimeSoda
  • The 12 habits of Highly secured Magento Merchants. – Jerry Eadeh – VP-Channel Sales – Nexcess
  • To go where te locals go, you need to know what the locals know – Haike Spek – Founder – Fingerspitzengefuhl
  • Persuasion Marketing/design – Pieter Jan Troost – Owner – pjtroost
  • M-commerce apps with payment functionalities – Pieter Stal – Chief Commercial Officer – MultiSafepay
  • Process organization of the development modules specific to Magento 2 – Igor Bondarenko – Head of Business Development – Neklo
  • De 10 redenen waarom blij is met Magento 2 – Tjitte Folkertsma – MediaCT & Gruus van Woerkom – BYTE
  • Conversie optimalisatie voor webshops met weinig verkeer – Theo van der Zee – ConversionReview
  • Whatsapp for Business – Alexander Wijninga – CEO & Co-Founder – Watermelon B.V.
  • Magento 2 content under version control – Gordon Lesti – Student & module developer
  • Messing Up Dependency Injection – Jisse Reitsma – Founder – Yireo
  • Kega i.c.m. Hunkemöller – Johanna van Drongelen
  • Online (content)marketing strategie – Patrick Petersen – Online marketing strategist – Atmost
  • Verandermanagement, online marketing en de impact van technologische ontwikkelingen – Hielko van der Molen – Inspirator & Strateeg
  • Online marketing best practises icm Magento – Sander Lems – Client Services Manager Online Marketing – ISM eCompany
  • De do’s en don’t van e-fulfilment – Hans Elshout – Algemeen Directeur – S&H Fullfilment
  • The State of Import with Magento 2 – Nils Preuß – Lead developer – Polo-Motorrad und Sportswear GmbH
  • “Walk your talk, all the way” – waarmaken van klantbeloftes – Marja Koster – Eigenaar – Marja Koster Communicatie
  • Get up to speed with Varnish – Aric Watson – Web Developer – Nexcess
  • Testing in Magento 2 – Jeroens Boersma – Eigenaar – Srcode
  • Bjorn Borg delivers a consistent brand experience through personalised email messaging – Brandon Wilkins – Practice Manager- Bronto
  • Security in Magento shops – Andreas von Studnitz- Integer_net
  • Marketing Automation en Emailmarketing – Ruud Lampers – Founder – iConneqt
  • Importing data (and the lessons learned) – Marcel Hauri – Magento Developer – Stämpfli AG​
  • How to deal with styles in Magento 2 – Tobias Hartmann – Web-Developer und Screendesigner – Sitewards GmbH
  • Een data gedreven aanpak voor je webshop! – Pieter van Geel – Greenhouse Group
  • Personal service in E-commerce – Michiel Gaasterland – Marketing Director – ROBIN
  • Kaizen Magento support – Andriy Samilyak – Founding partner – Opsway
  • WORKSHOP 150 min (start at 08:30): Magento Indexation Technique: Data processing in Parellel – Ivan Cherpunyi – Independent Technical Consultant & Trainer
  • Innovating with Roomlr – Bas Lemmens – Founder – Roomlr
  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SELL – Laat jouw webshop onder de loep nemen door de experts​
  • Kennismaking met affiliate marketing – Wytze Jan Atsma – Salesmanager Benelux – Zanox
  • How to stop your company from leaking knowledge – Dirk Kleingeld – Founder – Enstin
  • How to build a fashion B2B store using Magento – Pavlo Okhrem – Egologic
  • Something more about Magento 2 – Vasily Seleznev
  • Building the next generation fashion market place – Jarno Vanhatapio – CEO –
  • Magento Awards Ceremony
18045725309_ba00b39372_kMeet Magento websiteEnglish pageThe schedule

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