May 6, 2024

20+ Best Startup Accelerators Accepting Applications in 2024

Alena Arsionava

Technology Evangelist


23 Best Startup Accelerators for Rapid Growth | Curated List

Alena Arsionava

Technology Evangelist


23 Best Startup Accelerators for Rapid Growth | Curated List

The world of entrepreneurship never stays still. With more and more startups appearing yearly, getting your product to the market becomes challenging like never before. Luckily, you can always get help. From refining your business models to securing funding, getting market traction and scaling your offering, startup accelerators can help your early-stage business succeed. 

In this article, we explore the best startup accelerators worldwide—from Silicon Valley giants to emerging players in diverse industries. All these accelerators offer structured programs, mentorship, funding opportunities, and access to invaluable networks that can empower your startup to achieve growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Top startup accelerators include Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, Seedcamp, AngelPad, Plug and Play, MassChallenge, AcceleratorHK, Capital Factory, and StartX. These accelerators provide mentorship, funding, and resources, and have a proven track record of successful startups.
  • The selection criteria for choosing a startup varies but most commonly you need to demonstrate a working product or its minimal viable prototype, a scalable business model, a unique value proposition, market potential, and a growth strategy.
  • NEKLO can help your startup by providing custom software development services and mobile app development to reduce launch costs and gain initial traction.

How Top Accelerators Choose Startups

Before reviewing the best startup accelerators, let's talk about their general concept and the way they choose projects to invest in.

Accelerators often take equity in the startups they fund as part of their investment terms. They are financially interested in making their investment pay off. Most accelerators have rigorous selection criteria, so you need to prepare yourself. The most important aspects top accelerators pay attention to when accessing a startup are:

  • Product or Service: Accelerators accept startups that can offer a validated product-market fit. It means you need to be on the stage when you have at least a prototype or minimal viable product (MVP) that represents your product’s distinguishing features. Developing one is not usually a complex endeavor and with a reliable Custom Software Development Provider, it’s not a costly one either.
  • Market Opportunity: Accelerators plan for the long term, and proving your startup is capable of generating sustainable revenue growth in a particular market is vital. The priority unspeakable is given to growing and developing markets where there’s an opportunity to close an open segment or provide a competitive advantage.    
  • Traction: A strong point to prove your startup potential to show some preliminary success. Depending on the project the metrics vary — user engagement, revenue generated, customer acquisition rate, or number of pre-orders. The point is to show early traction to help investors feel confident their funding will pay off.  
  • Growth Potential: Best accelerators seek startups with scalable business models. You need to have a clear vision of how your product will grow in terms of features and revenue. Startups with a clear roadmap to scalability and sustainable growth are more likely to be selected.
  • Team: If you work on your own project, you need to prove your team’s expertise in this field. It can be years of experience, a track record of successfully implemented projects, or a skill set. The main idea is to show an accelerator that they can trust you.

Best Startup Accelerators: Overview

Accelerator Funding Terms Industry Location
MassChallenge Equity-free, funding prospect Emerging Markets, AI, ML, Mobile, Web Global
Y Combinators $150K for 7% equity Vertical-agnostic San Francisco, CA
Techstars $20K for 6% equity + $100K convertible note Vertical-agnostic Global
500 Startups $125K for 7% plus $375K uncapped MFN SAFE Vertical-agnostic Global
Antler $500K total; $250K for 9% + $250K ARC Vertical-agnostic Global
Founders Fund Up to $150K for 5-10% Vertical-agnostic San Francisco, CA
Alchemist Accelerator $25K- $35K for 5% Enterprise, B2B Software, AI, ML, Blockchain Silicon Valley, CA
LAUNCH Accelerator $100K for 6-8% equity Tech San Francisco, CA
South Park Commons $400K for 7% + $600K in the next round Tech San Francisco, CA
Race Capital topline $250K on an uncapped SAFE Tech Global
HFO Investments 2.5% equity take + $500K uncapped MFN SAFE Tech Global
Better Tomorrow Ventures $500K for 10% Tech Global
AI21 Labs $50k-$150K investment upfront, up to $500K later on, equity unclear AI, ML, Robotics, Tech Israel
The Batchery Varies Tech Berkeley, CA
Tampa Bay Wave Varies Various Tampa Bay, FL
Startupbootcamp Varies Various Global
Flat6Labs $20K for 10-15% equity Tech MENA Region
SkyDeck Varies Tech Berkeley, CA
Golden Seeds Varies Female Entrepreneurs New York, NY
BECO Capital Varies Tech Middle East
Seedcamp £100K for 7% equity Tech Europe
AngelPad Varies Tech San Francisco, CA
Launchpad Accelerator Varies Tech Global

Now, as you’re considering an accelerator for your startup, you need to pay attention to their funding terms and industry focus. Here’s an overview of top accelerators that deserved the credit and established themselves in the startup market.


MassChallenge is a global network of startup accelerators and innovation programs that supports early-stage entrepreneurs. Unlike other accelerators, MassChallenge does not take equity from participating startups yet lucky startups can get up to $1million in grants and significant funding in rewards. MassChallenge offers several acceleration programs lasting three to six months. Participation, mentorship, workshops, pitch coaching, and networking with investors are free. No-equity policy makes its programs highly competitive, with thousands of startups applying for limited spots in each cohort.

Terms: No equity taken; up to $1M in grants and $50K in rewards

Application: Rolling, depending on the program

Y Combinators 

Y Combinator tops the list of the best startup accelerators as the most renowned growth venue residing in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA. It was where Dropbox, Reddit, DoorDash, Coinbase, and many more loud names came from. Founded in 2005 by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Trevor Blackwell, and Robert T. Morris, all are computer scientists, entrepreneurs, and well-known figures in the startup world, Y Combinator provides unparalleled mentorship to its projects. While it has vertical or location limits, it also runs social impact initiatives like YC Continuity and YC Research, supporting research in areas like AI and biotechnology.

Terms: $127K for 7% of the company plus an additional investment of $375K uncapped MFN (Most Favored Nation) through a SAFE agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Equity).

Application: Now — Summer 2024


Techstars is another reputable USA-based startup accelerator program, known for its extensive network and support for early-stage ventures. Founded in 2006 by such influential figures in the startup and venture capital community as David Cohen, Brad Feld, David Brown, and Jared Polis, Techstarts’ mentorship indisputably means a great deal if your project is accepted. Although its name suggests “tech’, the accelerator operates numerous programs across different industries and locations worldwide. 

Terms: $20K upfront and initial investment of $120K for 6% equity in the company.

Application: Summer 2024

500 Startups 

500 Startups is a globally recognized seed-stage venture capital firm and startup accelerator founded by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai in 2010. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, it has established itself as one of the most active and successful early-stage investors worldwide. It operates accelerator programs and invests in startups across various industries and geographies. Such notable startups as Canva, Udemy, and Credit Karma came from there.

Term: $150,000 for 6% of the company plus $37,000 program fee

Application: Rolling applications


Antler is a global startup generator and early-stage venture capital firm founded by Magnus Grimeland in 2017. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in several cities around the world, Antler has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the startup ecosystem. What makes Antler stand out among other startup accelerators is that you don’t need a team to participate. It accepts entrepreneurial individuals looking to join a startup team or start their own company with a valid project idea at its earliest stages. 

Terms: $500K total funding, $250K for 9% plus $250K ARC (Additional Resource Capital)

Application: April 2024

Founders Fund

Founders Fund is a venture capital firm founded in 2005 by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including Peter Thiel, Ken Howery, and Luke Nosek. Among its industries are technology, healthcare, artificial intelligence, fintech, and aerospace, however, they accept projects from other verticals too if they’re powered by technology or promising ideas. Its alumni projects are PayPal, Palantir, SpaceX, Anduril, Flexport, Airbnb and Stripe. 

Terms: up to $150K for between 5-10% of the company share

Application: Rolling Applications

Alchemist Accelerator

Alchemist Accelerator is a prestigious startup accelerator program based in Silicon Valley, California. Founded in 2012, it focuses on early-stage enterprise startups with no particular vertical or industry. Their accelerator’s program typically runs for six months and includes all the perks for startups like expert mentorship, networking with potential customers and investors and last but not least, favorable funding terms.

Terms: Average of $25,000 for 5% investment

Application: August 2024

LAUNCH Accelerator

LAUNCH Accelerator is an early-stage startup accelerator program founded by Jason Calacanis in 2014, San Francisco, California. The program is industry-agnostic, accepting startups from a wide range of industries, including technology, consumer products, healthcare, fintech, and more. The program typically lasts three to four months with mentorship, workshops, pitch training, and networking included. The accelerator's alumni include companies like Robinhood, Coinbase, and Flexport.

Terms: $100K for 6% share

Application: Rolling

South Park Commons

South Park Commons (SPC) is a collaborative community of technologists, entrepreneurs, and innovators based in San Francisco, California. Unlike traditional startup accelerators, SPC operates as a membership-based community rather than a structured program. Members include software engineers, product managers, designers, founders, and other professionals from diverse backgrounds. It also hosts regular events, workshops, and discussions on topics ranging from technology and entrepreneurship to leadership and personal development.

Terms: $400K for 7% + $600K in the next round

Application: Rolling

Race Capital topline

Race Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in technology companies. Founded by Alfred Chuang and Howard Ko in 2019, Race Capital is based in Silicon Valley, California. Race Capital primarily invests in early-stage technology startups across a wide range of industries, including software, fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. The firm looks for companies with innovative products or services, strong market potential, and a diverse and inclusive team.

Terms: 250К on an uncapped SAFE

Application: deadline March 31, 2024

HFO Investments

HFO Investments is a private investment firm providing growth capital to middle-market companies, real estate development, early stage private equity investment, and operational management of portfolio entities. What makes HFO Investments stand out is its approach to investment terms. The firm typically opts for a combination of equity take and uncapped Most Favored Nation (MFN) Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

Terms: 2.5% equity take plus a $500K uncapped MFN SAFE

Application: April 2024

Better Tomorrow Ventures

Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV) is a startup accelerator paying particular interest to startups that may have positive social and environmental impact. They’ve been supporting initiatives aimed to solve issues with climate change, social justice, healthcare access, and education equity. The founders are Sheel Mohnot and Jake Gibson. Among other startup accelerators, BTV may have the most mission-driven positioning and project focus.

Terms: $500K for 10% share

Application: Rolling

AI21 Labs

AI21 Labs is an incubator focused on artificial intelligence (AI) projects — natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning and robotics — all are their area of interest. In addition to funding and standard accelerator’s pack, AI21 Labs also provides access to AI technologies and mentorship from experienced AI practitioners. The accelerator is industry-agnostic, so whether you have an AI project in mind — healthcare, finance, education, automotive, or anything — don’t miss the opportunity to try your luck. 

Terms: $50K-$150K investment up front, up to $500K later on, equity unclear

Application: Rolling

The Batchery

The Batchery is an early-stage startup accelerator based in Berkeley, California, and founded in 2015. The program typically runs for several months and includes mentorship, workshops, networking events, and access to investors. As for the industries they favor software, hardware, B2B SaaS, B2C apps, etc. To be selected, you need a pitch deck with business models described, a validated problem/opportunity/value proposition, and a Minimum Viable Product.

Terms: vary depending on the specific accelerator program, cohort, and the startup project

Application: Rolling

Tampa Bay Wave

Tampa Bay Wave is a nonprofit startup accelerator and entrepreneurial hub based in Tampa Bay, Florida. It provides 90-day, zero-equity accelerator programs for startups in different verticals and industries. They account for over 300 startups in their active alumni and have zero equity.

Terms: avg. $20,000 to $50,000, vary depending on the specific accelerator program

Application: Rolling


Startupbootcamp is a global network of startup accelerators that provides structured accelerator programs typically lasting three to six months. Each accelerator program is tailored to a specific industry vertical, such as fintech, healthtech, technology, IoT & hardware. The accelerator's most well-known alumni include companies like Revolut, Bitwala, and Carousell.

Terms: €20K to €100K for 6% to 8% share

Application: Rolling, depending on the program


Flat6Labs is a startup accelerator program and venture capital firm that focuses on projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It operates in cities including Cairo, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, and Tunis. These programs typically run for three to four months and provide participating startups with funding, mentorship, training, and access to a network of investors and industry experts.

Terms: $15K to $50K for 5% to 10% share

Application: Rolling


SkyDeck was founded in 2012 as a partnership between UC Berkeley, the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, and the Berkeley Entrepreneurship & Technology (BET) program. This accelerator is industry-agnostic and supports startups across a wide range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, biotech, consumer goods, and more. What’s interesting, it invests in its startups indirectly through its partnership with the Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, a separate entity from SkyDeck. The amount of funding and terms may vary depending on the specific investment round and the startup's progress.

Terms: vary depending on the specific accelerator program

Application: January - February, 2024

Golden Seeds

Golden Seeds is an investment firm that promotes women entrepreneurs and girls-power projects. The group was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in New York City, with active chapters in Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, New Jersey, and Silicon Valley – and active members throughout the country. In total, Golden Seeds has invested over $170 million in nearly 235 companies through its angel network and its venture funds. Moreover, the firm and its investors have provided important leadership in this investment sector. 

Terms: vary depending on the specific startup project

Application: Rolling

BECO Capital

BECO Capital invests in early-stage tech entrepreneurs operating across the MENA region and beyond. The firm focuses on sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, education, software, and digital media. It selects companies that achieved proof of concept, demonstrated market traction, and are poised for rapid growth and expansion. The firm provides funding to help startups scale their operations, enter new markets, and accelerate their growth trajectory. Totally, they’ve invested in 40+ startups by far.

Terms: vary widely depending on the startup's needs

Application: Rolling


Seedcamp is a European-based seed-stage venture capital firm and accelerator program. Seedcamp primarily invests in seed-stage startups with high growth potential and innovative solutions. The accelerator has invested in and supported hundreds of startups since its foundation in 2007. Its portfolio includes companies such as TransferWise, Revolut, UiPath, and Hopin, among others. 

Terms: varies, avg. between $50,000 to $250,000 for 5% to 10% equity share

Application: Beginning of the year


AngelPad is a startup accelerator program founded by Thomas Korte and Carine Magescas, both experienced entrepreneurs, in 2010. It accepts startups dealing with technology, consumer products, healthcare, fintech, enterprise solutions, media and entertainment, sustainability, and social impact. The key criteria is as always — a potential for innovation and growth. The accelerator's alumni include companies like Postmates, PagerDuty, Buffer, and DroneDeploy, among others.

Terms: $120k for ~7% total

Application: Rolling

Launchpad Accelerator

Launchpad Accelerator is an equity-free program by Google. It targets early-stage startups that have already launched a product and are looking to scale their businesses. To participate, you need to have a working prototype and demonstrated market traction. The program lasts six months and is tailored to the needs of each cohort of startups covering product development, user acquisition, monetization, and fundraising stages backed by Google’s impressive global network.

Terms: no direct fundraising, equity-free

Application: Depending on the program

Summing up, the choice of startup accelerator depends on your specific funding needs, industry focus, geographical location, and the level of mentorship and resources required for your startup to thrive. If you’re just in the development stage, consider NEKLO as your IT development provider.

How NEKLO Can Help Your Startup

  • Custom Software and Mobile Apps: We can help you reduce your software or mobile app development costs and gain first traction with the product to impress investors.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Get in touch with us to discuss development of minimum viable products to validate your ideas, gather user feedback, and iterate quickly. 
  • Expert Guidance: We provide experienced software development teams, strategic guidance, technical expertise, and mentorship to startups throughout the development lifecycle. Mobile apps, wed and software projects - we ensure their successful execution and long-term growth.
  • Continuous Support: An NEKLO, you gain ongoing post-launch maintenance and technical support to ensure the smooth operation of your solution. Leave the technical stuff to us, while you can focus on your business.

Customers’ Success Stories

At NEKLO, we’re excited to see startups succeed implementing their ideas to life and we’ve been proud to be part of this journey for some of our clients. 

From MVP to Fully-functional Invoice System

Implentio, a US-based e-commerce group, sought to revolutionize 3PL invoice reconciliation and performance management. We helped them to implement an application to streamline logistics costs control delivering beyond their expectations. Starting from a design prototype we delivered a functional MVP which further grew into a useful tool for thousands of people working in logistics. 

Successful integrations with third-party services enabled efficient invoice reconciliation, while a unique refund request feature empowered users to reclaim overcharged sums seamlessly. The collaboration continues, driven by business goals and client feedback.

From Concept To “Best Daily Reporting Software” 

Raken, a construction management firm, has a goal to revolutionize daily reporting in the construction industry. Tasked with streamlining reporting processes and reducing paperwork, NEKLO delivered a comprehensive solution encompassing mobile and web application development. Key milestones included building a robust back-end, designing an interactive front-end, and enhancing mobile UI for improved usability. 

The resulting Raken solution has garnered trust from thousands of construction professionals worldwide and achieved recognition as the "No. 1 Daily Reporting Software" at the AGC National Convention.

From Idea to AI-powered SkinConsult Platform

NEKLO collaborated with SkinConsult, a pioneering skin care consultancy, to develop a bespoke digital platform aimed at revolutionizing the skincare industry. Our task was to develop a robust marketplace infrastructure, integrating third-party services like Twilio for video calls. 

The result is a user-friendly platform helping people get skin consultations remotely. Skincare providers can manage appointments and offer services, while customers can access personalized skincare recommendations through an AI-powered system. 

Accelerator’s Vocabulary

Best Startup accelerators: techstars, Y Combinator, Antler, HFO, AI21 labs, The Batchery, etc.
  • Demo Day: An event held at the end of an accelerator program where startups pitch their businesses to potential investors.
  • Seed Funding: Initial capital provided to startups by investors or accelerators to help them launch and develop their products.
  • Equity: Ownership stake in a startup exchanged for investment capital. 
  • Portfolio: Collection of startups in which an accelerator or venture capital firm has invested. The success of these startups collectively contributes to the overall performance of the accelerator's portfolio.
  • Pitch Deck: A presentation that outlines a startup's business model, market opportunity, team, and financial projections, typically used to pitch to investors or during demo days.
  • Runway: The length of time a startup's funding is expected to last, typically measured in months. A longer runway provides more time for a startup to reach key milestones and secure additional funding.
  • Exit Strategy: A plan for how investors and founders will eventually realize returns on their investment, often through an acquisition, IPO, or other liquidity event.
  • Term Sheet: A document outlining the terms and conditions of an investment deal, including the amount of funding, equity stake, valuation, and any rights or obligations of the parties involved.
  • Alumni: Startups that have completed an accelerator program and are no longer actively participating but remain connected to the accelerator's network and community.