Custom Software Development and Website Optimization

The client is a fintech company providing digital solutions in the field of financing commercial equipment for customers, dealers, lenders and manufacturers.

The client came to us with the request to improve a platform that helps individuals and businesses to get loans for machinery purchase by connecting lenders and dealers. The expanding business demanded the platform's optimization for better functionality and performance.

The main requirements included:


Our team of experienced web development experts followed the client's requirements and advanced the financial platform. We reduced and optimized the number of active resources, such as tools and services, which has led to savings on infrastructure by 80%.

The key improvements include:

Altogether, we have improved the product's architecture and conducted thorough testing. We continue working on the project, providing technical support and developing disaster recovery planning and business continuity plans. We are also working on ensuring the security of applications and personal data on the project, conducting security assessments, and security penetration testing. Additionally, we are planning to introduce DevSecOps practice on the project.