May 2, 2024

Mastering Content Ranking in Google: Best Practices for Success



Content Ranking in Google. Do It Right



Content Ranking in Google. Do It Right

Content ranking factor as an integral part of ecommerce business development. Such factors as content relevance, backlinks, and the behavior of customers can be hard to optimize.So you can check our Security and SEO Audit Services.

Content Relevance

If your content is not relevant and does not match the topic you have stated in the title, your site will never ever be on the Top-list of a searching engine. High-quality content is a unique one with a number of keywords, having been collected beforehand.

Semantic Core

When planning search promotion, the optimizer needs to create a semantic core of text content placed on the site in advance. It means the optimizer does not just take key queries on which the promotion is planned, and write the surrounding text, but to compose a full semantic core so that the search engine, at the first glance, does not sift the site due to the irrelevance of content to the search query.

All search engines today offer services for compiling the semantic core of the site texts. But keep in mind, that the concentration of keywords should be moderate. If your text consists of 80% of keywords, which are installed absolutely senselessly, it won’t be appreciated by any search engine. The recent researches of Search Metrics have shown, that 53% of the pages in Google’s Top 20 contain keywords in the title tag, and less than 40% of the landing pages have keywords in the H1 tags. And from year to year, these numbers are constantly decreasing.

To sum it up, we can say, that Google estimates content not only by keywords but by its relevance and usefulness.

Content Uniqueness

What about the uniqueness of content. I think, it goes without saying, that if you just copied the text from the other side, such fraud will be found out by robots. Make an effort to write your own content. Or, if you are a bad writer and write only the congratulations on postcards, there is always the opportunity to hire a qualified copywriter, who will write articles for you. By the way, it’s a good idea to save your time and earn a few hours to optimize the site in some other ways.

Updated Information

Content should be regularly updated. To clear it up, it’s not a question of frequency, but a question of quality. Do not post regularly, but thoughtlessly. Needless information do you and your site no good at all. Remember about the issue, that your site is to be focused on people, but not on robots.Make content easy to read and understand. No matter, how useful and qualitative is the information on the site, if the visitor will leave it because of incomprehension.

Expert Content

So, you’ve updated the information, collected the semantic core, uses keywords, and what’s next? What can you do for the site’s content? Show the experienced in the area of knowledge you’ve pretended to cover.

While writing the articles, remember that you are to give visitors the current and clear information. It doesn’t mean to scatter terms and unclear words.Be an expert. Show, that you can explain even difficult things to the customer. It’s a good idea to refer to the other expert’s words. It may be a scientist, a director of the corporation, or even a person, who has a site of the same subjects, but an older and credible one.

Panda Algorithm

Google always takes care of its users. So it keeps an eye on the information, whether it’s interesting, trustworthy, and relevant. Here should be mentioned, that every part of the text is equally important and its relevance will be measured. Be original, of course. If the text has originality, it will do him good.And keep in mind such thing as Panda Algorithm. This algorithm is to check your content and if it doesn’t like it, your search rankings will be decreased. Just be sure. that your content didn’t be copied and completely develop the topic.

Linkable Content

A few more words about links. Every content should be linkable. There is no difference between good content and bad one if none of them are linkable. To follow the logic of the search engine, the content can’t be good enough without other resources, which refer to it.Do not forget about the link text (anchor texts): despite the fact that the anchor is now less important, it still sends a signal of matching the search query to the received document.

Text Length

The question about text length is constantly open. It’s the most controversial one. Somebody says that 1000 words are enough, while the others argue with foam at the mouth, that only 4000 words develop the theme. Google with its answer to this question has surpassed all. It was stated, that length should be no more any less than to completely cover the topic. Great answer! So, do not fixate on this question too much.The length of every article depends on the purpose of the page and on the topic as well. Use as many words as it’s necessary to satisfy visitors’ interest.


To sum it up, I want to say, that it’s no use to expect great success from your site without painstaking work on its content. Remember about the uniqueness, freshness, and relevance of the content. Try to be short and neat, though not inexperienced. While developing a business, try to find one, which will be interesting for you. Because if you are interested in what you are doing, you are interested in the result. Deep into a subject and select the needful information.

Write to people, not machines. Exactly people will buy your products, and exactly people’s interest will develop your business.