May 21, 2024

NEKLO DIGEST #5: Is Dropshipping Worth It? Ecommerce Strategy Tips

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead


NEKLO DIGEST #5: Ecommerce Dropshipping Strategy Tips

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead


NEKLO DIGEST #5: Ecommerce Dropshipping Strategy Tips

Starting an ecommerce activity seems the right choice for many business owners today. However, many of them are puzzled about existing ecommerce business ideas and aren’t sure which one to follow.

When the choice is difficult, they come to our ecommerce development company for a custom software solution or professional consultancy. Additionally, we provide the most relevant and updated information through our digests to everyone monthly.

This time, we dedicate our digest to various ecommerce marketing strategies and, in particular, dropshipping. How to make money on dropshipping, is dropshipping profitable, what are the trending dropshipping products, and many more useful insights from our ecommerce website design company below!


Online retail has already become a profitable business for a large number of business owners. Statista predicts the overall worldwide retail e-commerce sales to reach 4.89 trillion US Dollars by the end of 2021.

High profitability is exactly what attracts business owners to online retail. However, many business owners lack the funds to purchase goods and are skeptical about the relevance of their selected business niche.

Becoming a successful online retailer involves investing in quality ecommerce web development services, advertising, renting a warehouse, and a wholesale consignment of goods. As online retail is a competitive business, the risks for beginners are profound.

But there is a great way out, although not as ideal as it is often thought about. It’s great for testing a niche and pumping the merchant’s skills. It is called dropshipping.

In our new digest, we’ve collected articles prepared by experts in our custom software development company. You can find all the details about starting a dropshipping business, developing dropshipping software solutions, and how to select top dropshipping products. In case dropshipping is not exactly what you’re looking for, we’ve included some other ecommerce marketing strategies to follow as well.

Let’s get started!

Dropshipping eCommerce Strategy Tips

When starting an ecommerce activity, it is necessary to identify the level of competition, study the competitors, and take into account their mistakes to do better.

Even if your business niche involves a lot of competition, you can make a good profit if your offer is the best one. And offering the lowest price in this case is not always necessary. Running a dropshipping store is not about reducing the cost of goods. It is about the proper selection of products you offer. Below are articles that will help you to understand how dropshipping works and what other ecommerce marketing strategies you can use to win over the competition.

Dropshipping business model for e-commerce: 2021 opens the major opportunities for retailers and manufacturers.

Dropshipping Business Model: What Is It & How to Get Started?

Time to read: 8 min 25 sec

Summary: This article is the ultimate guide to dropshipping from NEKLO experts. It explains how the dropshipping model works and what it takes to start a dropshipping store. Also, it provides a list of the core advantages and challenges of the dropshipping business model.

Moreover, it perfectly describes dropshipping for beginners with a clear 5-steps guide into starting a dropshipping store.

Check the article out at:

Risks of Dropshipping: Ideas to Overcome and Prevent Them

Time to read: 5 min 40 sec

Summary: This article focuses on the not-so-common risks of dropshipping niche to get you ready, if this is the type of ecommerce activity you want to start.

Dropshipping is often portrayed as a get-rich-quick scheme. Not taking the time to properly research ecommerce is the first mistake that people who are in a rush to get started make.

To get rid of the idea that dropshipping isn’t worth your time and effort, our experts have collected 5 challenges that are “not on the surface”. Moreover, ideas to mitigate the risks are also suggested.

Follow the link and learn what are the risks of dropshipping:

What to Dropship in 2021: 15 Best Products for Dropshipping

Time to read: 6 min 10 sec

Summary: In this article, our experts are diving deeper into dropshipping success stories. Moreover, one of the fundamental issues that worry both dropshippers and online store owners within their business models is examined—what to sell?

If you are skeptical about dropshipping ideas, this article will answer the following questions:

  • How to find dropshipping products that will be popular among the customers?
  • What are the best items to dropship and the dropshipping niches that can generate profit?
  • Is dropshipping still profitable or my items are doomed to gather dust on the virtual shelves?

Also, we’ve divided our list of the best products to dropship into three categories and suggested our Top-5 in each category.

Learn what to dropship here:

6 Steps to Raise the Number of Orders

Time to read: 8 min

Summary: Through cross-selling, you can increase the average check of your customers. his tactic aims to encourage store visitors to spend more while still being satisfied.

To help you improve and get the most out of cross-selling promotions, our software engineering company has outlined and reviewed 6 ways to increase the number of orders in an online store together with retaining repeat customers.

Follow the link to get the insights:

Dropshipping websites will benefit the most from content marketing and SEO. The advice is to invest in content and be aware of its quality.

5 Tactics To Use Urgency & Scarcity to Sell More

Time to read: 4 min 30 sec

Summary: The era of consumerism requires merchants to be focused on grabbing customer attention and creating ways to help increase conversions. Time-limited offers and last-chance deals have proven to be generating more sales than common seasonal X-mas and back-to-school promotions.

Understanding shopper’s psychology, which is constantly evolving, becomes the key to success. In this article, we provide a gist of scarcity and urgency marketing tactics that have been proven to be highly reliable, when it comes to sales and growth through influencing the human psyche.

Hurry up to learn them all:

M-Commerce in 2021 with On-Demand Service App

Time to read: 4 min 45 sec

Summary: One of the few industries that still has managed to benefit from the situation with COVID-19 is mobile and web app development. In particular, we are talking about the development of on-demand apps.

What business activities and at which stages can count on the benefits of on-demand app creation? Well, there are 2 options:

  • Businesses that have launched or just planning to launch their activities online;
  • Businesses that are thinking about developing their custom mobile solution and introducing an on-demand service app.

To help make the most out of this custom ecommerce development strategy for your exact business, NEKLO team has outlined the answer to the questions “What are on-demand apps?” and “Why are they in high demand now?”

Check out the article at:

And by the way, if you are currently searching for mobile app development companies to design a dynamic mobile solution for communication, business, or productivity, consider NEKLO. Our developers are ready to help. Reach out!

Pre-Order Marketing: How Does Pre-Order Work for eCommerce

Time to read: 4 min 45 sec

Summary: Pre-ordering is a shopping model that is increasingly gaining popularity worldwide. Instead of looking for a sale or ordering online with a return option, customers order goods that are only planned to be in stock. This allows them to get their hands on unique items, while for brands it enables the opportunity to promote future collections.

In our article, we answer the following questions:

  • How do pre-orders work?
  • Why do brands count on this model?
  • What is the meaning of pre-order for a web store owner?

Moreover, we’ve outlined the main advantages and drawbacks of pre-order sales.

Learn how to sell pre-orders and get profit at:


Of course, a newbie online retailer can face issues, difficulties, and obstacles other than those covered in our digest. As we work on custom web application development every day, we have been often dealing with ecommerce projects. Our development teams have learnt that each and every ecommerce business is unique with unique needs and requirements.

In case you are thinking about starting a web store but still have doubts regarding your ecommerce marketing strategy, contact us through the form on our website.Our team will provide you with the instructions to follow as part of our consulting and support services as well as help with bespoke software solution development for your ecommerce project.