May 2, 2024

The Ultimate Facebook Promotion Guide for Businesses



Facebook promotion guide



Facebook promotion guide

How to increase the amount of facebook subscribers? How to make them interact with your content? All these you’ll learn from our article.

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Make a Great Page Cover

Page cover is not only the face of the brand. It’s an advertising platform also. You can use this part of the page to display your new product. To understand how it works take a look at one of the largest world resellers Amazon. When you click on the cover you see not only the photo of the product but two links on the product page and review page.

Animated Covers

Nowadays only company pages can upload animated covers. Video cover should have length from 20 to 90 seconds. The video should be 820 *312 pixels. To make an animated cover, goes to your company page and press “Change Cover” button.

By the way, the video goes without sound. Consider this when selecting a video for your cover.

Choose a Nice Address

To ensure that in the future you do not have problems in promoting your page, just think of a simple and recognizable address. To choose the suitable address go to tab “About”, there you will find changeable “Username”.

User name can be changed in any time you want.

Use a Suitable Conversion Buttons

On company pages you can install a conversion button. There are a variety of Call to Actionwhich you can put on this button.

For each specific business there is a possibility to choose most suitable CTA. Analytical data can be observed in page statistics. So you can set the button according to the most popular actions your customers do. Facebook advertising allows you to promote the CTA button attract users to a specific action.

Fill in All the Fields

The more information you provide, the more professional and reliable your page will appear in the eyes of your possible customers. Do not neglect this point. Tell everything that can be told. Trivia that may seem insignificant to you may be important for a potential buyer.

Fully fill in all the fields with information about the company

Invite Your Friends to Like Your Page

Your page is practically ready to start selling. But selling is nothing without auditory. When you’ve just started promoting your page you can’t neglect any of the methods that allow you to increase the number of likes and subscribers. Invite your friends to mark your page as they liked. To do this, click on the button with three dots under the cover of your page, select the command “Invite Friends”, tick the box “Send an invitation to Messenger” (for a person to receive your message in person) and write an invitation that does not cause negative.

Do you publish cool content? Write about it. Do you want him to comfortably lick the page, and then unsubscribe when you type the real audience? So say, there is nothing wrong with that.

Someone will ignore your message, someone will enter into a dialogue with you, and someone silently likes your page. The less advertised the invitation, the better the results.

Set Quick Answers

By clicking on the “Message” button, users can write private messages to your page. Often, many of them hang unnoticed until the moderator does not go to the page. To prevent this from happening, configure automatic responses. For example, you can write the following: “Thank you for writing to us. We will respond to you in the course of this day. ” Then the user will not wait from you for a momentary answer and remain loyal to your company. To configure an automatic response, go to the page settings and select the “Messaging” section.

Publish the Most Awesome Content

Publishing quality content is the most reliable way to make your page popular. Announce your new materials from the blog, post high-quality infographics and videos, start interesting discussions.

Do This on a Regular Basis

According to statistics, brands that publish content 1-2 times a day have 40% more users involved than those who publish posts once a week or even less frequently.

Encourage Users to Enjoy and Share Your Posts

There is nothing shameful in asking users to like or share your post if it really is worth it. You spent the effort to write it, and you have every right to politely ask for this kind of gratitude.

Connect Your Webstore With Social Media

Use special widgets and extensions and connect your webstore with social media. For Facebook integration you can use Facebook Widget which is available for both Magento 1 and 2.