April 30, 2024

NEKLO Commercial Backstage: We Wanted This Film to Convey Our Message

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead


Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead


NEKLO promo film is finally here. Ready for a sneak peek into the process of its creation?

In the backstage video and photos, you’ll see the other side of our initiative, as well as how much fun it actually brought. Additionally, through this article, we’ll again emphasize the core message that the video conveys and complement it with our thoughts.

We Wanted to Deliver What NEKLO Stands For

Sometimes it is hard to explain to people what differentiates your company from others, what your projects are about, or what benefits you can give your clients through your services. Through the new NEKLO promo film, we provide a visual explanation and succinctly show all of these.

The film was a new branding and promotional effort created with an aim to truly reflect NEKLO’s corporate values, industry expertise, and to deliver the message.

“For NEKLO, this short film is not just a piece of creative content. It complements, strengthens, and amplifies the way NEKLO delivers as a software development company, giving a truly unique insight into our corporate values.”

Dasha Korsik, Content Team Lead at NEKLO LLC

How the Production of NEKLO Commercial Was Carried Out

In a nutshell, from creative, production to deliver, the production included such stages as:

  1. Pre-production stage. Before shooting any footage we wrote down the сore messages and objectives that we wanted to convey through the film. Then, together with the professional video production crew we developed a creative film concept, storyboard, sourced actors to star in the film, and chose the locations.
  2. Production stage. With the script ready, we went on to capture everything we needed. Filmed it, edited it, using the latest 4k digital cinematography cameras. The production team also handled the voiceover job.
  3. Post-production stage. The stage that is happening now. We’ve brought our promo film into exposure, are carrying out marketing and adding polish.

Why Did We Choose Particularly This Idea?

This idea presents a slick image of our custom software development company as a reliable firm in a simple way. Additionally, this idea conveys how our services and products can inspire people.

Our aim was to deliver the factors that set NEKLO apart. These are:

  • advanced project management,
  • agile software development,
  • creative vision;
  • excellent service.

And Finally

We wanted this short film to convey our message and the end result to align with NEKLO’s brand identity and ethos.

We like what it turned out to be!

Follow the link to watch our commercial film:

NEKLO Commercial | Thinking Beyond

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