May 2, 2024

Spring into Action: Discover the Latest Releases


Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO Latest Releases [Spring 2018]


Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO Latest Releases [Spring 2018]

This spring is great for NEKLO: we released three new extensions for Magento 2 that are going to enforce your store at the backend and brighten it up at the frontend. Without further ado, let’s get to know the extensions and their features.

Be One Step Ahead with Make an Offer

Make an Offer is an extension that your customers want you to have. Negotiation on the price is nice feature customers miss while shopping online, and you can bring it back to them. Don’t worry, it won’t bankrupt you: the offer management is under your control and very flexible.

This is how it works: your customers fill in an offer with a suggested lower price for the specific product and a link to another store, where this item is sold cheaper. The choice is yours: you can accept offers on your terms and make a customer happy with a discount, or decline them and take notes about your competitors’ pricing.

Make an Offer extension includes the following features:

  • Customizable display modes;
  • Easy-to-use frontend fill in the form for the product page;
  • Extensive email notifications for store admins and customers;
  • Offer and Offer Statistics grids at hand;
  • Automatically generated discount coupons;
  • Support of different product types and quantities;
  • Options to process every order.

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Inspire Customers to Purchase with Pinterest Widget

Have you ever tried selling with Pinterest? It is right about to do so because you have an opportunity to integrate Pinterest boards into your online store.

Pinterest Widget for Magento 2 is an extension that includes everything you would want from Pinterest as a social network: nicely organized pictures with all the information a viewer may need under them, on any page of your store. You have three ways to display boards on the storefront, and multiple options to customize the looks. The Pinterest Widget is easy to handle for you and easy to figure out for your customers.The features you will find in the Pinterest Widget:

  • Various display modes that can be adjusted;
  • Unique customize settings for each display mode;
  • Pinterest boards from any owner can be used;
  • Pinterest content is available for use without logging in.

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Know Your Log Errors instantly with Log Monitoring Extension

Log Monitoring extension for Magento 2 is created to expand the control over your store and make it effective. This extension takes care of log errors in your store and provides you with extensive updates about them. The information is stored in grids that are available from the Admin Panel. You will have your log errors delivered to you and your colleagues via email the moment they occurred and the way you prefer. This extension is a handy tool for every store administrator or developer in their daily work on the store.

What you get with Log Monitoring and Notification:

  • Two formation-rich grids with management options;
  • Cron jobs scheduling opportunities;
  • Clear extension settings;
  • Email messages about errors for multiple recipients.

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