May 2, 2024

5 Simple Solutions for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment



5 Simple Solutions for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment



5 Simple Solutions for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment


Ecommerce websites are now swarming the internet. With this vast number of online shopping options, the tendency of people to abandon their shopping cart has grown. Being a business owner, it is stressful when you see that customers are adding items to cart but at the end leaving the website without completing the purchase.

A study reveals that 57 % of Australians have a high tendency of abandoning their cart. The cart abandonment tendency is higher in fashion and furniture categories, 67 and 65 % respectively. To help you decrease this number and increase your sales, we present five simple tips below through which you can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

1. Targeted Message: Exit-Intent Pop-Up

Correctly reading your customers’ intent and sending a targeted message to manipulate that intent is a tested way of reducing shopping cart abandonment and maximizing conversions. Install an exit pop-up in your page, so that whenever a user is about to leave a page or abandon their cart, a targeted message offers them a deal and encourages to complete the purchase. Pop-ups with discount timers create FOMO among people.

Laundrapp, one of the UK’s famous laundry and dry cleaning services has done it perfectly. When a person is about to leave, the site shows a pop-up along with discount offers which are bound to make the customers rethink if they should leave without completing the purchase.

2. Keep the Cart in Plain Sight

For an online shop, the most important feature is its shopping cart. So you should position your shopping cart where it’s easily visible. Your customers must easily understand how to access the cart. Make the cart icon easy to notice. Many people temporarily abandon the cart to go to another site and return after comparing. An easily identifiable cart icon helps them to resume quickly after they return to your site.

Take a look at how Charlotte Rose kept their cart icon visible at the top-right. Displaying the number of items in the cart acts as a reminder that there are items already chosen for purchase. Also, clicking on the cart icon opens up details of the product, quantity, and price.

3. Avoid Lengthy Checkout Process

People don’t like lengthy check out processes. With every passing moment, there is a chance that your customer might abandon the cart. Gather only the most essential information during the checkout process. The simpler, the better.It comes in handy if you only need to enter your email and card details and hit the “Pay” button. Name, number, address, and all other particulars were avoided to simplify the whole process. Additionally, a “Remember me” button can make the process even shorter by pre-filling the information the second time a customer comes to purchase.

4. Make the Customers Feel Secure With Security Badges

When conducting an online transaction, the first thing the customers look into is the authenticity of the website and how secure it is. If a customer does not feel assured they will abandon the cart without completing the purchase.

Most people are aware of the cyber-crimes that are taking place around us. To establish their confidence in you, try including security badges, and guarantee proposals on the checkout page and assure their credit card information is safe. Ensure that your site has an active SSL certificate. Baymard Institute has conducted a survey and concluded that not all trust badges have the same effect. This is a list they prepared from their investigation on the badges consumers trusted the most.

5. Mention Shipping Cost Clearly or Offer Free Shipping

Shipping and handling costs are one of the main reasons for abandoning shopping carts. 25% of customers abandon their carts due to unexpected shipping costs. Make sure that the total cost includes the shipping charge form the beginning. If after going through multiple steps a customer finds an unexpected shipping cost, they will abandon your site and probably won’t return later. Another successful strategy is to add the shipping cost within the price of the product which has been seen to encourage more people to complete the purchase.


Losing more and more sales due to cart abandonment must be dealt with promptly if you want to run a successful business. We hope these simple tips will help you recover the abandoned sales and boost your overall conversation.