May 21, 2024

20+ Best Free Magento Templates for Your Store [NEKLO Choice]

Elena Pashkovskaya

Technical copywriter

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

22 Free Magento Themes: Top Choice for E-commerce

Elena Pashkovskaya

Technical copywriter

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

22 Free Magento Themes: Top Choice for E-commerce

Setting up your first Magento store or want to refresh the design of the existing one and save pocket? There are free Magento 2 templates to look for. Free is not low-key: most themes look good and are responsive, customizable, and easy to use. What themes to consider using? We’ll find out soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Top free Magento templates are Etrend Lite, F2 and ClothesStore. They suit best for fashion industry, but can also be used in other domains.
  • They offer outstanding design, responsiveness, and rich features to cater your needs: they are SEO friendly, support multiple languages and currencies, are easy to customize and navigate.
  • If you are determined to redesign your store, NEKLO can help you to choose, install, tune, and customize your Magento theme with our Magento development services

What is Magento Theme?

Magento theme is the software that can be installed at your Magento store to change its look and the way it functions. Put simply, a theme is a pre-designed template (customizable though) that includes colors, images, fonts, and layout and determines the Magento store's looks. As a vital part of user experience, the e-commerce store's look must be appealing, clear, and have eye-catching content. Is there something else to look for? Let’s see.

Things to Look for in Magento Template

Magento themes benefits: enhanced user experience, fast loaing speed, easy customization, mobile-friendliness, SEO optimization.

When choosing a Magento-based e-commerce website template, several key factors must be considered to ensure it meets your needs and helps create a successful online store. They include:

  • Flexible customization
  • Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness
  • Good user experience and navigation
  • Seamless integrations
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Good performance
  • Ease of use
  • Support and updates

The essential thing to look for in free Magento 2 templates is their e-commerce features. Product showcases, category navigation, product filters, sorting options, wishlist functionality, cart management, checkout process, and payment gateway integration are vital for creating a user-friendly and functional online store.

Best Free Magento Themes to Brighten Your Store

We are starting our journey into the best free Magento themes the market offers. We hope you find the same theme to make your store look nice and special. 

Having concerns about running your Magento store? Consider referring to a Magento support and maintenance services provider. If your store needs an update to use the recent Magento 2 version, remember that you are not alone and can rely on Magento update professionals.

Specialization Key Feature Magento 2 Compatibility Customer Support
F2 Fashion Configurable swatches Compatible No
Ves Fasony Fashion Fast checkout Compatible No
ClothesStore Fashion Customizable slider Not compatible No
Galatheme Eva Fashion Integrated blog Not compatible Yes
Magetique Lingerie Fashion High-definition graphics Compatible No
Apparel Fashion Multiple languages and stores Compatible No
AllyBike Sports Wishlist Compatible No
Fit Body Sports Customizable parallax scrolling banners Not compatible No
Pixtron Electronics AJAX cart Compatible No
Next Multipurpose Powerful navigation Compatible No
Absolute Multipurpose Automatic installation Compatible Yes
FreeGo Electronics Touch-optimized slideshow Compatible No
Etrend Lite Multipurpose Efficient checkout process Compatible No
Shopkart Lite Multipurpose Speed optimization Compatible No
UB Trex Multipurpose Handy mini cart Compatible Yes
Ves Yume Furniture, home decor Brand logos carousel Compatible No
Free Ves Global Food and beverage Various product display options Compatible No
StereoCar Automotive Advanced customization Compatible No
Bentriz Automotive Promotion bars Compatible No
GrandSale Wholesale Multi-language support Compatible No
Wine Shop Beverages Multi-language and multi-currency support Compatible No
Bizkick Multipurpose SEO-friendliness Compatible No

Whether you're running an online boutique, showcasing the latest trends, or selling stylish apparel and accessories, these themes offer a unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and customization. They can transform your store into a captivating fashion destination that resonates with style-conscious shoppers. 

We've curated a list of these free Magento themes for fashion, each with its own distinct features, to help you find the perfect fit for your store.


Free Magento website template: F2

F2 is a versatile Magento theme designed to cater to a wide range of industries, and suits best for fashion stores. It comes packed with features such as a mega menu for easy navigation, AJAX cart for smooth shopping experiences, quick view options for products, and customizable color schemes and typography through the admin panel. Social media integration enables easy sharing and engagement, while configurable swatches allows to preview items of particular color, size or fabric.

Key characteristics: 

  • clean lines, 
  • modern aesthetics, 
  • user-friendly layout.

Ves Fasony

Free Magento website template: Ves Fasony

Ves Fasony is a free Magento 2 theme that's well-suited for fashion stores, including those selling men's and women's clothing, bags, and watches. This Magento 2 theme includes a touch-optimized carousel, customer-oriented layout, responsive design and high performance.

Key Characteristics: 

  • design elements align with showcasing goods effectively, 
  • layout optimized for high-performance and visual appeal, 
  • fast checkout, 
  • smart testimonials.


Free Magento website template: ClothesStore

ClothesStore Magento theme is meticulously crafted for fashion retailers, offering a sophisticated and feature-rich platform to elegantly display clothing and accessories. It is responsive, SEO-friendly, and is equipped with a powerful, customizable slider on the homepage, this feature allows retailers to showcase their latest collections, seasonal promotions, or top-selling items prominently. 

Key characteristics: 

  • Social media integrations, 
  • multi-language and currency support, 
  • space-efficient design for better navigation, 
  • enhanced user engagement.

Galatheme Eva

Free Magento website template: Galatheme Eva

Galatheme Eva is a free Magento theme known for its fast performance, attractive design, and ease of use. It is designed to be fully responsive, optimized for speed, and includes best SEO practices, providing seamless user experience. The theme comes with an integrated blogging platform, allowing you to engage your customers and visitors with articles, news, and updates related to your products or the fashion industry.

Key characteristics: 

  • cross-browser compatibility, 
  • customization of visual elements, 
  • user-friendly navigation, 
  • attractive aesthetic.

Magetique Lingerie

Free Magento website template: Magetique Lingerie

Magetique Lingerie theme is specifically tailored for lingerie stores, blending elegance with functionality to create a captivating online shopping experience. The high-definition graphics ensure that product images and content appear sharp and enticing. Magetique Lingerie free Magento template includes several pre-designed page layouts and header styles, providing versatility in the website’s visual presentation and functionality. 

Key characteristics: 

  • Drag and drop page builder, 
  • multilingual and multi-currency support, 
  • integrated blog module, 
  • newsletter popup and social media integration.


Free Magento website template: Apparel

Apparel theme for Magento 2 is a versatile, free, and fully responsive option suitable for a variety of stores including those selling clothes, watches, and jewelry. It offers a modern design with attractive animations and a user-friendly layout that adapts well across different devices. The Apparel theme supports multiple languages and stores, and it comes with a powerful backend configuration that allows for extensive customization without needing to code.

Key characteristics: 

  • Sticky add to cart, 
  • Instagram gallery and Facebook chat, 
  • shipping time estimator and sales countdown timer, 
  • promotion bar.

Selling sporting goods and sport-related items require strong visual representation, including dynamic and engaging images and videos, interactive product displays, and clean and organized layout. We collected 5 best free Magento templates that suit sports e-commerce stores best.


Free Magento website template: AllyBike

AllyBike is a Magento theme designed for selling bicycles, accessories, and related gear. Its distinctive features include mega menu, product quick view, wishlist, SEO optimization, integration with payment gateways and social media platforms. The theme offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance of your online store with ease. 

Key characteristics: 

  • Responsive design, 
  • customizable elements, 
  • user-friendly interface, 
  • Ajax Cart, Search, and Navigation. 

Fit Body

Free Magento website template: Fit Body

Fit Body is expertly designed for businesses operating in the fitness and wellness industry, catering to sellers of athletic wear, equipment, supplements, and health-related products.This free Magento theme features a responsive design that delivers an optimal viewing experience across devices, from large desktop screens to mobile devices, maintaining visual appeal and functionality.

Key characteristics:

  • Dynamic design, 
  • fitness-oriented layouts, 
  • customizable parallax scrolling banners,
  • integration with icon fonts, 
  • athlete testimonials, 
  • fitness blog integration, 
  • the potential for integration with mobile fitness apps.

Do you specialize in gadgets, appliances, or cutting-edge tech accessories? Look at the specialized free Magento themes crafted to showcase your products in style while offering a seamless shopping experience to your customers.


Free Magento website template: Pixtron

Pixtron is a visually captivating Magento theme designed for electronics stores. It boasts a modern and stylish design that appeals to tech-savvy customers. This free Magento template features mega menu support for organized product categories, product sliders to showcase featured items, advanced search functionality, and AJAX cart for seamless checkout experiences.

Key characteristics: 

  • Intuitive navigation for enhanced user experience,
  • modern design, advanced customization, 
  • well-developed documentation.


Free Magento website template: FreeGo

FreeGo is a sleek and modern Magento theme suitable for electronics and tech accessories stores. It combines style with functionality to create an engaging shopping experience, featuring shop by brand option, featured products list, and enhanced product visibility with detailed zoom capabilities.

Key characteristics: 

  • Responsiveness, 
  • touch optimized slideshow, 
  • mobile-friendly navigation menu, 
  • blog integration.

Aside from specialized themes, there are more universal options to cater various businesses and support different stores. The best part of Magento 2 templates is that such themes have a lot of custom options to address the particular business needs. Let’s take a look at several examples. 

Etrend Lite

Free Magento website template: Etrend Lite

Etrend Lite is a versatile Magento theme suitable for various industries, including fashion, electronics, home goods, and more. It is a streamlined, free Magento template designed with responsiveness and customization in mind. The theme includes essential e-commerce functionalities like product listings, a shopping cart, and an efficient checkout process.

Key characteristics: 

  • Responsiveness, 
  • mobile-friendly navigation menu, 
  • multi-language support, 
  • promotion bar.

Shopkart Lite

Free Magento website template: Shopkart Lite

Shopkart Lite is designed for online stores across various industries, including fashion, electronics, beauty, and more. It is a free and simplified Magento template designed to cater to small e-commerce businesses and startups. The theme includes essential e-commerce features such as product listings, a shopping cart, and a streamlined checkout process, all optimized for speed to ensure quick loading times.

Key characteristics: 

  • attractive animations,  
  • parallax scrolling, 
  • unique block design, 
  • cross-browser compatibility.

UB Trex

Free Magento website template: UB Trex

UB Trex is a multipurpose Magento theme created with a minimalistic and flat design approach, ensuring a clean and modern look for e-commerce stores. This theme is highly adaptable and suitable for various product ranges, particularly effective for stores that prioritize a clean and straightforward user interface.

Key characteristics: 

  • Sticky navigation header, 
  • responsive design, 
  • handy mini cart, 
  • flexible product list,
  •  grid views.


Free Magento website template: StereoCar

StereoCar Magento 2 free template is specifically crafted for online automotive parts and accessories stores. It offers a robust, professional design tailored to meet the needs of businesses in the automotive industry. Ajax cart allows users to add products to their cart without reloading the page and a quick view feature for faster product previews.

Key characteristics: 

  • Advanced customization, 
  • SEO-friendlinesss, 
  • Cross-browser compatibility,
  • Premium product page design.


Free Magento website template: Bentriz

Bentriz theme is a professionally designed, free responsive template tailored for auto parts stores. It offers a clean and professional layout aimed at enhancing customer engagement. The template includes mobile-first optimization, promotion bars, unique block designs, cross-browser compatibility.

Key characteristics: 

  • efficient navigation, 
  • customizable product tabs for featured items,
  • social media integration to boost engagement.

Of course, we will not leave a lot of other e-commerce segments uncovered. Now, we are going to explore some more examples of Magento e-commerce website templates that cater to a bunch of different goods categories to show you the full potential of Magento themes.


Free Magento website template: Next

Next Magento theme is a versatile and powerful template designed for a wide range of e-commerce stores, from fashion and accessories to electronics and home goods. It combines modern design with a robust set of features to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience. The theme features contemporary design with a minimalist aesthetic, using clean lines and a neutral color palette to enhance product visibility and appeal.

Key characteristics: 

  • Advanced customization options,
  • multiple pre-designed layouts, 
  • powerful navigation options, 
  • drag and drop pagebuilder.


Free Magento website template: Absolute

Absolute Magento website template is a free, responsive template optimized for Magento 2, favored for its straightforward setup and versatile design. It includes Slick carousel for custom sliders, Font Awesome icons for enhanced aesthetics, and compatibility with major browsers.

Key characteristics: 

  • Versatile design,
  • easy customization, 
  • automatic Installation.

Ves Yume

Free Magento website template: Ves Yume

Ves Yume is a free versatile Magento template suitable for different industries, it works particularly well for furniture, home decor, interior design, and related businesses. Ves Yume provides multiple ways to showcase your furniture products, including customizable product sliders, grids, carousels, and featured sections on the homepage. Customization allows to personalize colors, fonts, layout structures, and homepage sections to align with your brand identity and showcase furniture products effectively.

Key characteristics: 

  • Customizable homepage layouts, 
  • brand logos carousel, 
  • advanced search options, 
  • customizable footer,
  • mobile optimization.

Ves Global

Free Magento website template: Free Ves Global

Free Ves Global theme for Magento 2 is tailored to create a dynamic and appealing online store, especially effective for Food & Beverage stores but also versatile enough for other retail sectors like Kids or Baby stores, Beauty salons, and more. The theme supports various product display options, catering to different types of products and user preferences. Ves Global offers a range of customization options to tailor the look and feel of the store to better match your brand and meet your specific needs.

Key characteristics: 

  • Auto update quantity, 
  • SEO-friendliness, 
  • Ajax add to cart.


Free Magento website template: GrandSale

GrandSale free Magento theme is designed specifically for wholesale businesses and is particularly suited for stores dealing with bulk purchases and large-volume sales. It's a free eCommerce theme that offers a suite of powerful tools to effectively showcase products in a way that encourages customers to buy in larger quantities.

Key characteristics: 

  • Promotion-friendly layout,
  • multi-language support,
  •  responsiveness.

Wine Shop

Free Magento website template: Wine Shop

Wine Shop is specialized for eCommerce stores selling wine products, making it ideal for wine enthusiasts, vineyards, wine shops, and related businesses. The theme features a wine-centric design aesthetic, with elements that reflect the elegance, sophistication, and culture of wine. The theme is compatible with all Magento versions and includes HTML & CSS validation. It's designed to be easy to install and use. 

Key characteristics: 

  • SEO optimization, 
  • high performance, 
  • social media integration,
  • multi-language and multi-currency support.


Free Magento website template: Bizkick

Bizkick caters to businesses and corporate entities, offering a professional and polished online presence. Bizkick Magento website template features customizable homepage sections for tailored content, a testimonial slider to showcase client feedback, team showcase modules for introducing key team members, pricing tables for service offerings, and contact forms for seamless communication.

Key characteristics: 

  • clean and professional design,
  • customization opportunities, 
  • SEO-friendliness.

Why Choosing the Right Magento Theme Important?

Selecting the most suitable Magento e-commerce website template can benefit your store and increase performance, customer satisfaction, and engagement. Why does the process require careful consideration?

  1. Usually, you rarely shift the website’s design and choose how your store will look once in a long time. As maintenance, support, and customization might cost money, sudden theme changes may encompass extra expenditures.
  2. Keep to consistent design to make your brand stand out and be recognizable. The more frequent the design changes in your store, the less recognizable your brand might be in the eyes of the customers.
  3. Choosing the wrong theme can lead to a host of issues, from unclear store navigation to a lack of integrations and complex maintenance. It can result in a poor user experience and revenue loss.

Suppose you are considering installing a new Magento 2 theme for your store. In that case, NEKLO will be glad to help you with our Magento support and maintenance services. If you haven’t found a theme that can undoubtedly represent your brand and fascinate customers with an appealing design, our team will gladly provide custom Magento development to make your store stand out.