Magento Support and Maintenance

NEKLO offers Magento support and maintenance services to companies looking to level up the security and performance of their Magento stores.

By selecting NEKLO as a Magento support and Magento maintenance services provider, you ensure close monitoring of all the necessary indicators and fast issue resolution. Our Magento development agency helps keep web stores functioning properly.

Here’s What Our Magento Support Services Include

Timely Magento website support by NEKLO will help to resolve technical issues, prevent critical matters, and ultimately provide your web store visitors with a seamless user experience.

Bug detection and bug fixes

Opt for our Magento support services to have your website thoroughly examined. We’ll help detect existing and potential bugs , third-party code deviations to ensure your online store functions smoothly.

Critical Magento help

Our Magento enterprise support team provides any urgent Magento maintenance and support help to resolve the consequences of malware attacks, server technical issues, and traffic problems.

Magento security patch updates

As a part of Magento2 support, NEKLO provides a full Magento security audit and security patch updates. Through this, we help resolve performance issues and errors to fully protect your web store.

Magento speed optimization

Through working with us, businesses invest in their websites. We help optimize it and retain the audience. As a part of our Magento support package, we provide website speed optimization of the front-end and back-end sides and ensure quality user experience

Performance monitoring

Keeping an eye on your website’s performance and aspects that are critical for customer experience is included in our Magento support packages. We offer Magento administration services and an overview of the navigation patterns, checkout, and payment processes to find the weak points and tackle them in time.

Magento platform upgrades

Our Magento maintenance service team will help update your ecommerce website to the latest Magento version. If you are about to migrate your web store to Magento 2, NEKLO can help guide you through this procedure.

Forget About Downtime With NEKLO Magento Support Team

Prevent problems, don’t wait for them to arise. By turning to us, you’ll be able to access the Magento knowledge base of our team and finally forget about such issues as:

  • Magento admin errors;
  • Magento web store downtime;
  • Magento inaccessibility for admins;
  • 404 errors, broken page URL;
  • Failing integrations with third party apps.

The support system of a website cannot be abandoned. Turn to us if you need help. Through the support Magento packages, we’ll help monitor your online store for potential problems and critical tech issues.

We Call Ourselves Magento Support Superheroes and Here’s Why

We make our Magento 2 support and maintenance services accessible by taking projects of any size. No matter the communication method you select (email, phone, messenger), you will receive professional technical Magento help. You can also count on an individual approach and reasonable pricing plan.

As one of the TOP ecommerce consulting companies, we know what matters the most. Seamless functioning of a web store is key today for bringing conversions. Through timely resolving of all your Magento website support issues, you keep your Magento web store up and running as a successful business.

Global Coverage

We provide our services and growth opportunities to the market globally. Customers of NEKLO come from the States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, a number of other European countries, Australia, Switzerland. “The heart” of NEKLO is located in the USA, California. Our development centers are based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania) and Georgia.

We will be glad to work with you on your project.

Our Magento Services

Magento support and maintenance plays an important role as a standalone service. However, as a Magento development agency, NEKLO also offers a number of other demanded Magento development services.

Have an idea of a web store that requires a personalized and custom approach? NEKLO Magento development agency can help turn your vision into reality.

We know what comfort and stability mean for online shopping. NEKLO helps make your ecommerce business stay beautiful externally while remaining thoughtful and structured from the inside.

Start your Magento upgrade with NEKLO to acquire speedy and quality Magento help as well as get access to our extensive Magento knowledge base. We will make the migration of your web store to Magento 2 trouble-free.

NEKLO offers to work with our certified Magento specialists directly and acquire the missing skills without wasting time on recruitment. Our experts provide upscale Magento help and join your team at any development stage.

Project Budgeting

For our customers, we offer both bundled rate plans and individual rate plans for each separate software service. The bundled rates are set for each NEKLO developer and include the costs for ¼ time of a QA engineer, a DevOps specialist, and a Project Manager. A bundled rate is preferable if you are opting for a combination of our services or our all-inclusive services.

Extension Development for Magento

Our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and ecommerce solutions will become your easiest way for eсommerce store optimization. You can outsource software development to us or purchase a ready-made Magento extension at NEKLO Store.

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