Best Visual Merchandising Extensions for Magento

As soon as you have all the core Magento functionality installed in your store, the only thing that needs consideration is product visual presentation. Still, to perform it the best way, one may require a tool. Keeping that in mind we have created a list of extensions touching upon visual merchandising. Check it to find the best one.Merchandising Extensions for Magento 2 NEKLO

Drag & Drop Visual Product Sorting

With the right extension, the process of product sorting may influence your sales greatly. Visual Product Sorting has been created exactly to make easy sorting from the admin panel, allowing to see the products exactly how your customers see them in your store.  Put all the items you want to promote like Featured Products or On Sale Products in the first place and increase your sales. Show products your customers may find interesting and catch their interest right after they have entered your web store. Easy options will help you to sort all the products the way you want. Visual Product Sorting gives the following possibilities:
  • Allows to adjust the product grid in detail
Set the number of rows, columns, and items on the Category pages. Every product has its own image, so setting everything in the correct order has become easier.  
  • Shows the product sorting right in your admin panel
Visual Product Sorting displays all the products in your Admin panel, so you can see the sorting exactly the way your clients do. It helps you to adjust the products quickly and easily.
  • Hides out-of-stock products
With this extension, you can automatically hide all the out-of-stock products in your store. You shouldn’t constantly track your stock manually – Visual Product Sorting will do it for you.
  • Allows the drag & drop function
There is no need to code anything or set special options to sort your products. This extension gives you the possibility to arrange the display by simple Drag & Drop. Work with the sorting and see all the changes immediately.
  • Saves changes in grid automatically
The grid saves all the changes made in it, so there is no necessity to press a special button every time you have to leave the Admin panel. All the changes are implied to the front end and saved in your store.
  • Allows to pin up the products you want
Some products may be too popular to break their position, but you still may have to change the sorting. In order not to lose the place of this item, pin it up. Now it won’t move anywhere until you allow it. Visual Product Sorting is the extension that gives you full control over your content. Make navigation easier, create easy sorting, and increase your sales by simply changing your products’ display. Easy product position editing and absence of necessity to code anything make this extension outstanding. There are editions for both Magento versions with almost the same functionality. Get Visual Product Sorting in NEKLO StoreVisual Product Sorting in Magento marketplaceVisual Magento Merchandising Extensions

Infinite Scroll Extension

Some clients prefer to see all the products on one page without pagination. To make it so you can install Infinite Scroll extension to display all the products at once. Infinite Scroll also reduces the load time, giving customers easier navigation and better user experience. Your customers will now be able to make a purchase with fewer efforts. Infinite Scroll in Knowband store

Discount Labels Display M2 Extension

A discount is a good thing, but customers should clearly see it. Discount Label Display extension will help you in this case. It regulates the display of the product prices during store sales including discount calculating and labels showing. You can draw your customers’ attention to the products you want to sell – this extension will give you such a possibility. You can display the label not only on the product page but also in:
  • Wish List,
  • Shopping Cart,
  • Catalog and on a number of other pages.

Exploded View Product Extension

Some products are better to show with schemes or explanatory images. Even if it is not a complex mechanism, a razor or a laptop becomes more interesting if displayed in detail. Exploded View Product does exactly this thing. It changes the page layout of the grouped products the way it becomes possible to add an exploded image. It will show your clients how your product is designed from the inside. Or you can add another picture if you want – the extension is fully adjustable.Link to the extension

PDF Download & Print-Out Functionality Extension

What if your customer wants to have an offline version of your product page? PDF download & print-out functionality offers a good solution for such cases. The extension allows you to make a PDF file of your product page. Moreover, you are able to choose the design of the PRD, content, and layout. The file is customizable and you can set the content block it will be displayed on. Besides, you also can download the PDF file from your admin panel with one click.Link to the extension in Plugin Company StoreVisual Merchandising Extensions

Easy Slider Extension

To notify your customers about recent events right in the store is a good idea. That is exactly what Easy Slider does. It grants you the ability to post a huge slider with the information concerning discounts, special offers, or whatever you want to tell about. Thus you will get an easy tool for quick notifying. Moreover, there are some unobvious advantages like SEO improvement with the text on the slider and a decrease in bounce rate with captivating images.Easy Slider Extension in Templates Master store

Product Label Extension

What is the best way to promote your products in the store? Put a label on it telling its a Featured Product or it’s on sale. Product Label extension does it quickly and simply. This extension allows you to assign any label to the product you like. it will be displayed on the product view, category view, and the page with search results. As the admin, you can generate an unlimited number of labels and set their positions. It is convenient for attracting clients’ attention to the items you want.

UB Content Slider Extension

UB Content Slider allows you to add various additional features like videos or image sliders. It gives you a convenient way to distinguish your products and in such a manner to increase sales. You can showcase your products and add an unlimited number of sliders to any place in your store.With this extension, you can personalize any slider and create different types of them for different products. It is an easy way to manage the visual representation of your items.UB Content Slider in Ubertheme store

Smart Related Products Extension

This extension allows you to create blocks with related products based on specific conditions you can set in the admin panel. Being an upgraded version of simple Related products extensions, the Mageside’s one creates a whole block that is fully customizable: you can set the displaying rule, the number of products, install the “Add to Cart” button, and regulate the display of out-of-stock products. An easy way to use up-selling and cross-selling techniques.  Smart Related Products in Mageside store

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