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We are a web solutions company that brings digital transformation to big companies, medium-sized agencies, scaled-up and smaller startups.
As a web application company, we will customize the approach and tailor the project delivery strategy to fit your case and give you impactful results. 

Magento projects
Years of developing innovative ecommerce solutions
Certified Magento developers
Extensions are created for Magento

Explore Our Core Web Application Services

Front‑End Web Development

We implement upscale visuals through coding everything the user sees and interacts with on your website. Through custom web application development services, NEKLO Team will deliver clear navigation or update your existing app with a custom interface.

Back‑End Web Development

We build microservices-based web architecture, consistent business logic, and develop custom features for the server and the database. We will help make your website more than just a collection of images and links.

PWA Development

As a progressive web app development company, NEKLO has a tailor-made progressive web app development package that will get you a PWA that looks and feels as native as a mobile app. We think through the core ecommerce use cases to help target customers and offer more value.

Web Design

Our team’s UI/UX specialists craft intuitive, mobile-oriented designs and fine-tune them to your brand’s identity. No excessive options or elements will hinder customer flow. Through web app development services and design, we deliver advanced product showcases.

Extension Development for Magento

Want to expand your Magento store functionality? Then you must definitely opt for our Magento extensions and modules. Can’t find the one that you need? No worries. We can create a custom Magento extension that would fit your requirements.

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You get more than just a web service provider. You get a web partner who will define your way forward.

Trustworthy partner

Our specialists use popular project management software, like Jira, so that you can have access to the entire progress of your website application development project.

Professional crew

We are a solid team of over 40 talented experts equipped with practical knowledge and over a decade of experience spanning a wide range of ecommerce projects.

Flexible workflows

As a PWA development company, we are able to handle tasks of any complexity and size, deliver the utmost quality web application services in short time frames, and handle additional requirements.

Focus on long-lasting bonds

We are willing to sustain partnerships with our customers, continuously deliver impressive software, and provide technical support during the post-production period.

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