May 3, 2024

5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing



5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing



5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing

The latest data from the Wishpond marketing agency says that the indicator of open letters for corporate mailings is only 10% and the average CTR is 5%. That means that only one in ten will read your email.Not too much? Do not rush to close the article, here you’ll find 7 ways to increase the efficiency of email marketing.

1. Highlight the key points

It’s a common mistake to think that customers won’t read your letters. More often people scan your text and mention the most important parts. Try to make the key points of your letter more noticeable.

How to highlight the key points?Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Use bold font
  • Try contrasting color or background
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists

Don’t use capital letters in the title. Such titles will distract from scanning the text.

2. Put links and share buttons in your letter

Encourage users to share your messages. Share buttons allow you to connect your email with social media.There are some ideas to get more shares:

  • Offer your customers to participate in the prize draw. To get a chance to win, the reader should make a report.
  • Offer the sale for your customers and their friends.
  • Ask your customers to announce your posts.

3. Use SMTP server

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol allows you to control your mailing strategy. SMTP server keeps your data secured and can send a huge amount of emails. With the help of SMTP, you can control all points of mailing. You can check mail delivery and amount of openings.SMTP servers help you to measuring exactly how successful your email advertising is with good variety of analytic. Use Custom SMTP Extension for advanced function

4. Say your customers what to do – Use Call-to-Action

Include a series of mini-CTA in the letter. You can use Call-to-Action which follow customers to conversion.

  • Use CTA in the topic of the letter.
  • Use imperative verbs. For example: “Follow the link and get a discount”
  • The most powerful CTA should be used in conversion button.

5. Use links in images

Images easier catch customer’s attention than other content. Put an active link in your photo and get additional visits.Don’t forget to use attribute “alt” with relevant text. Many users switch pictures displaying in their emails.

Make Subscribers Want to Receive Your Emails

Make your customers know that your mails are always content quality. Then they will wait for them open and follow links. Use links, offer customers only useful content, put photos and videos in your mail, give discounts. The main thing is that your messages shouldn’t turn into boring lists of new products that can be found without your mailing.