July 8, 2024

15 Hyvä Theme Examples: How Websites Use Hyvä Theme

Elena Pashkovskaya

Technical copywriter

Hyvä Themes

15 Hyvä Theme Examples: Simplicity, Quality, Performance in Practice

Elena Pashkovskaya

Technical copywriter

Hyvä Themes

15 Hyvä Theme Examples: Simplicity, Quality, Performance in Practice

Hyvä theme has become the fresh solution to fix Magento frontend pitfalls and limitations, such as slow loading times and complex development processes. It creates a brand new experience for customers and developers, improving e-commerce website performance and reducing dependencies. Today, we'll look at the most remarkable examples of the Hyva theme's implementation and confirm all its applause in practice.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hyvä theme is praised for its simplicity and performance. Built on modern technology stacks, it delivers a great developer experience with its clear code and faster development. It also brings a delightful customer experience and a fast page loading time.
  • The Hyvä theme suits e-commerce stores of various industries and sizes. Examples of Hyva theme implementation include electronics, accessories, lighting, and fashion clothing and footwear stores.
  • The Hyvä theme has revolutionized Magento's frontend approach. If you believe your web store needs a modern solution to boost the site's performance and give it a fresh look, consider hiring a trusted Hyvä development partner.

What is Hyvä?

Before Hyvä, frontend development was the main pain point for Magento professionals. The Popular Luma theme is rather complicated to handle, requiring working with different libraries and tools, and is, as we can say, "heavy." Luma implementation and customization are time-consuming and daunting tasks, and they drastically influence website performance. Something needed to be changed.

Hyvä theme was launched in 2021 as a convenient and simple solution for Magento e-commerce stores. Its main principles are simplicity, quality, performance, and fun — everything that Luma lacked at one point.

Despite being a newcomer to e-commerce tech, the Hyvä theme quickly gained popularity and continues delivering the best frontend experience worldwide. With a growing number of adopters and its undeniable advantages, the Hyva theme's future looks bright.

How Hyvä Benefits Your Magento Store?

Hyva theme benefits

The main reasons why more and more businesses choose the Hyvä theme are its great performance and reduced complexity. This leads to faster time-to-market, higher customer satisfaction, better SEO, and higher conversion rates. Additionally, the Hyvä theme is a customizable, scalable, and responsive frontend solution that is easy to maintain.

Hyvä's benefits go far beyond that. Developers like Hyvä theme for consistent coding standards, modular architecture, reduced dependencies, and overall ease of use. Reduced CSS and JavaScript (JS) code, efficient caching, minimized HTTP requests, and efficient code structure make the Hyva theme an example of a simple yet efficient frontend solution.

15 Outstanding Examples of Hyvä Theme Use

We've already compared the Hyvä vs. Luma theme and discussed Hyvä's undeniable benefits. Now, it's time to proceed to real examples of Hyva theme use. Let's take a look at e-commerce websites that have chosen Hyva and find out how well they perform.

Barr Display

Barr Display Hyva theme store example

Barr Display is a US-based established company specializing in fixtures and equipment for retail stores. They faced decreasing conversion and organic traffic, as well as low paid ad performance, partially caused by clunky UX. Performance improvement was the key reason for choosing the Hyvä theme for an online storefront, and the result exceeded all their expectations.

  • 30% increase in revenue
  • 47% increase in organic conversion rate
  • 10% decrease in bounce rate

Now, the Barr Display store has a clear and simple design and easy navigation, and the pages are fast to load, creating a good user experience and increasing ROI.

Page performance (desktop): 97

Alcon Lighting

Alcon Lighting Hyva theme store example

Alcon Lighting specializes in high-performance commercial LED lighting designed for architectural applications. The company offers an assortment of products and specialty lighting solutions for different applications, such as offices, galleries, warehouses, and more. In addition to goods, the Alcon Lighting store provides extensive resources, including case studies, an insights blog, and a help center to support customers and professionals in the lighting industry.

Alcon Lighting is one of the best examples of how the Hyvä theme (together with other optimization activities) helps to reach top page load speed and performance. The numbers speak for themselves: both mobile (96) and desktop performance (100) are almost perfect, as well as various page load speed metrics:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) 1.1 s
  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP) 44 ms
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) 0.8 s

Page performance (desktop): 100


Livim.de Hyva theme store example

Livim is a German web store that specializes in furniture, home, and garden accessories. It offers a wide range of brands and configurations and combines sharp design with affordability.

Hyvä theme development has given the store a new look and feel. Their new furniture configurator makes it easier to choose suitable options, enhancing consistent user experience. The store's performance and revenues increased.

  • 147% sales growth
  • 46% increase in organic traffic
  • 54% conversion rate growth

Page performance (desktop): 91


Ahrora Hyva theme store example

Ahrora, a UK-based bedding brand, offers a range of luxury silk products, including pillowcases, sleep masks, scrunchies, beauty sets, and heatless hair curlers. The store features various collections, a winter sale, and detailed product benefits.

Hyvä theme considerably improved the store's frontend experience, providing a lightweight and fast-loading interface. The website's elegant and distinct look and easy navigation provide an enjoyable customer experience. Fast-loading product pages and a seamless checkout process facilitate smooth shopping.

Page performance (desktop): 97

S2 Sport

S2 Sport Hyva theme store example

S2 Sport is an Italian sporting goods and fashion retailer that wanted to boost the shopping experience, increase the site's visibility, and improve browsing speed. The store boasts great categorization, easy-to-use navigation, and visual appeal. This is one more example of the Hyvä theme improving e-commerce store performance and delivering stable, robust, and customized sites.

The key deliverables for S2 Sport are:

  • 45% increase in page speed
  • 23% increase in organic traffic
  • 55% raise in Goodge ad ROI

For S2 Sport, Hyvä reinvents the frontend architecture, simplifying the purchasing process and making it faster and more enjoyable.

 Page performance (desktop): 95

Shop of Natural History Museum

Shop of Natural History Museum Hyva theme store example

The Natural History Museum shop in London boasts unique products inspired by the Museum's exhibits, including books, toys, games, home decor, clothing, and accessories.

This example of using the Hyva theme reflects the brand's identity, attractive design, and convenient navigation. With the help of the Hyvä theme, the Museum can now:

  • Highlight a variety of products
  • Provide a fast and smooth user experience
  • Show great responsiveness and look on all devices

Page performance (desktop): 97

Affordable Screens

Affordable Screens Hyva theme store example

Affordable Screens is a US-based business specializing in window screens and their component parts, hardware, and screen kits. It is a pure example of how the Hyva theme helps create a simple, clear, yet powerful design that facilitates customers' finding exactly what they are looking for.

The store performs well on desktop and shows high accessibility (93) and SEO (92) scores. The site features an easy navigation menu, support information, and a blog for further guidance.

Page performance (desktop): 95


My1stYears Hyva theme store example

My1stYears is a UK luxury kidswear brand that offers clothing, accessories, toys, and nursery items. Its website features easy navigation and categories for different age groups, gift sets, and collections.

Thanks to the customized Hyvä theme, the store has gained its attractive design, smooth user interface, and experience. It now scores high in page load speed metrics and overall performance.

  • Performance Improvement by avg. 75%
  • Traffic Growth X2
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) 0.5 s

Classic Football Shirts

Classic Football Shirts Hyva theme store example

Classic Football Shirts specializes in selling retro and vintage football jerseys from various clubs and national teams. Their extensive collection includes shirts from iconic moments and players, and there are categories for new arrivals, price drops, and clearance items.

Classic Football Shirts chose the Hyvä theme as a frontend solution as it is lightweight and fast. Page load speed is crucial for the store, as many shirts are unique and come in a quantity of 1. Therefore, customer emotional time sensitivity was a top factor when choosing the theme.

With the help of the Hyvä theme, the website now boasts the following:

  • Improved shopping experience
  • Page Speed performance score increased by 2.5x
  • 350% improvement in First Input Delay (FID)

Page performance (desktop): 97


Printer Hyva theme store example

Printer is the largest Swedish printing company. It creates paper materials such as leaflets, flyers, and business cards, as well as mugs, bags, and tents. Its website features a user-friendly interface with easy navigation to various printing services and products.

With a fully customized Hyvä theme-powered frontend, the website now provides a better and more consistent customer experience, has an appealing look, and is fast to load on both mobile devices and desktops.

Page performance (desktop): 100

21 Run

21 Run Hyva theme store example

21 Run is an online store specializing in running gear. It offers various products from popular brands, including running shoes, apparel, accessories, and nutrition supplements. This example of implementing the Hyvä theme for e-commerce shows good performance on mobile devices and desktops, great SEO, accessibility, and fast page load time.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) 1 s
  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP) 51 ms
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) 0.3 s

Page performance (desktop): 97


Butterfly Hyva theme store example

Japan-based Butterfly is the world's leading table tennis equipment and apparel retailer. To increase performance and customer satisfaction, Butterfly chose Hyva for its e-commerce website. And it definitely achieved the goal! The Hyvä theme helped not only increase performance and page load speed for desktop and mobile devices but also improve SEO and accessibility.

Page performance (desktop): 99

Citizen Watch UK

Citizen Watch UK Hyva theme store example

Citizen Watch UK is a famous luxury watches and jewelry brand. In 2022, it was revamped, creating the web store's look and feel we know today, all thanks to the Hyva theme. Being a large shop with 6000+ items (SKUs), it was vital to provide a consistent user experience and seamless access from mobile devices, and the Hyvä theme best suited these goals.

The key results include:

  • 43% conversion rate increase
  • 65% increase in new users
  • 141% revenue increase

After renovation, the Citizen Watch UK website successfully passed Google's Core Web Vitals, showing fast page loading speed and overall performance.

Page performance (desktop): 88

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik Hyva theme store example

The official Manolo Blahnik website showcases luxury footwear for women and men, including pumps, mules, sandals, and boots. It features the latest collections, timeless classics, and accessories like bags, belts, and scarves.

The Hyvä theme gives the Manolo Blahnik store a stylish look and feel. The key speed and performance metrics are also remarkable, with an Interaction to Next Paint (INP) of 76 MS. The web store provides a seamless shopping experience with categories for various occasions and an insights section about the brand's history and craftsmanship.

Page performance (desktop): 98


JC-Electronics Hyva theme store example

JC-Electronics specializes in the repair, refurbishment, and sale of industrial electronics. They offer a wide range of products. This example of Hyvä theme implementation features a clean, professional design with intuitive navigation. The homepage highlights their core services and products, including repair, refurbishment, and sales of industrial electronics. The site includes a search function, contact details, and easy access to various product categories.

The store applied the whole Hyvä package for better functionality and performance: Hyvä Themes, Hyvä Checkout, and Hyvä Enterprise. The results turned out to be outstanding:

  • 4.5x faster product page loading time
  • Checkout page load time dropped from 16,25 seconds to 2,83 seconds
  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP) 38 ms

Page performance (desktop): 92

Key Hyva Use Statistics

  • Currently, 3,527 websites use the Hyvä theme. The top countries where the Hyvä theme is particularly popular are the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Germany, and Belgium.
  • 800+ extensions were compatible with Hyvä at the end of 2023, and many more are to come.
  • Hyvä Theme ranks 23 in global e-commerce technologies, showing a considerable improvement of 8 points in 16 months.

Hyvä Themes Implementation

Thinking about your Magento store frontend renovation but do not know where to start? It might be your cup of tea if you value simplicity and performance.

First, choose a reliable software development company with a solid reputation and authoritative references. Then, discuss the scope of work: consider your store's theme customization, integrations, modules, and migration procedure if you currently use a different Magento 2 theme. The next step is to proceed to the actual development and testing.

NEKLO can help you with the following activities:

  • Conduct the initial website audit and identify areas of improvement
  • Install and setup the Hyvä theme
  • Customize the Hyvä theme to deliver a delightful user experience
  • Choose and setup the right modules and integrations for your store
  • Boost your site speed and performance
  • Provide maintenance and support services


As you can see, the Hyvä theme works well with e-commerce stores of different sizes and specializations worldwide. And in all this diversity, one thing remains constant: Hyvä's ability to deliver a great look and performance.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Hyvä theme setup and maintenance for your store, contact us to discuss them in detail. NEKLO professionals are ready to help your store advance and succeed!