May 2, 2024

Optimizing Magento 2 Checkout Page for Higher Conversions

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

How to improve Magento 2 Checkout Page

Nadya Bakhur

Researcher, Technical Writer

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

How to improve Magento 2 Checkout Page

Checkout page conversion rate drops are a severe strain for web store owners. How to avoid this scenario? In fact, by giving your customers everything they need to make an informed, confident decision.

This article talks about Magento checkout page optimization techniques and provides 10 effective To-Do’s to skyrocket sales.


The popularity of Magento is gaining momentum. Over 250 000 merchants representing small-, mid-, and enterprise-level companies worldwide are benefiting from the power and flexibility of Magento enabling engaging shopping experiences on their web stores.

However, to gain from your website’s functionality and features, you need to think over details of your website design and pay attention to the checkout page as it turns your web store visitors into real buyers.

Below, we overview the checkout page of the Lulu and Georgia web store which is one of our ongoing Magento-based projects.  

Checkout Page Designed Wisely Matters

Statista’s report released in March 2020 says that 88.05% of online shopping orders are abandoned and not converted into a purchase. An immense number of customers leave their carts without completing the deals.

Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate. Source

Some of the most frequent reasons for this issue are:

  • Mandatory registration;
  • No popular payment options;
  • No security features shown;
  • Confusing or misleading page design;
  • Unclear price or shipping cost.

A checkout page designed wisely will reduce the time and effort it takes to complete a purchase. At this stage, you don’t want to disappoint your customers with inadequate amounts of fields to fill in or unclear payment conditions. Revision of the checkout page should become a recurrent procedure to avoid revenue loss.

10 To Do’s to Improve Checkout Page

Our to-do list will get you through 10 solutions on how to increase conversion rates at the decisive moment of checkout.  

✓ To Clarify Costs and Return Policy

Additional charges for shipping or handling that were not mentioned in the product description take people away from placing an order. Instead, indicate and explain the costs to your customers so that they could understand the value that you offer and see a very good bargain.

Highlighting a free shipping option and easy returns on the checkout page should also never be missed out on.

Checkout page with clear return policy outline.

✓ To Offer Guest Checkout

Web stores that make the creation of an account a necessity often lose their sales as customers today prefer not to spend time on registration. Another solution to turn customers into return buyers will be to offer them an opportunity to skip the mandatory process of getting a new account or provide them with an option to register after an order is placed.

Guest checkout option on e-commerce website.

✓ To Apply a Progress Bar

A progress bar guides users through checkout steps if the checkout process on your website includes several stages. A progress bar makes checkout progress obvious for customers and they are much more likely to complete the purchase and not drop out.

Reducing the number of forms to fill out, as well as combining shipping and billing forms together will also come in handy for your customers and won’t overwhelm them with too much information.

Checkout page progress bar.

✓ To Make Website Mobile-Friendly

The popularity of mobile commerce is increasing rapidly. The research reported by Statista shows that by 2021 the number of sales completed with the help of mobile devices will have grown up to 72.9%. Winning this huge audience of mobile users requires optimizing your website for mobile devices.

Opt for a lightweight responsive design template, optimize the size of images, and make sure your web store provides convenient mobile browsing on a handheld device.

Mobile Retail Commerce Saels 2016-2021. Source

Mobile-friendly web store checkout page.

✓ To Provide Multiple Payment Options

Some people still use their credit cards to make a purchase, while many others choose digital payments. The opportunity to select a favorable option is essential for customers, letting them pay the way they want, and reducing cart abandonment.

The most widely used payment methods are:

  • Credit and debit cards;
  • E-wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay;
  • Payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe;
  • Cash on delivery.

The launch of an official Google Pay extension for Magento 2 was announced not so far ago, on July 13, 2020. Google Developers’ latest blog post describes the solution in detail. Some of its core features include:

  • Support of automatic updates, calculations, and Magento mini cart;
  • Customization of the Google Pay button, cards, and networks;
  • Integration with popular payment services like BlueSnap, Braintree, Stripe, etc.

Consider also adding the PayPal Express payment system as it remains one of the most popular and easiest to use. In case your web store is based on Magento, you may simply go for a specially crafted extension. PayPal Express for Multishipping is created by NEKLO team and offers a good set of features, such as:

  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Shipping to multiple addresses;
  • Integration with Magento Admin Interface;
  • Advanced security.

✓ To Use One Step Checkout

The hoops between a customer and the “Place Order” button in a multi-step checkout have a negative effect, making people waste their time. A long process of filling out multiple fields and clicking the “Next” button is annoying and makes people step out of your shop halfway, without completing the order.

Reduce checkout to a single step by fitting all the steps on one page. Ready-made Magento extensions will help to simplify the checkout process of a Magento store, making it quick and easy.

One step checkout page

✓ To Display Social Login Options

Customers hate it when they have to follow a lengthy registration process while shopping online. Social login will soothe the process and contribute to some really positive shopping experiences.

Through placing Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram social buttons right on the checkout page, you let your customers complete deals faster. Relevant Magento extensions work by auto-taking personal email addresses and passwords from customers’ social accounts and using them for the social checkout on your online store.

Social login options at checkout page

✓ To Integrate Live Chat Support

Live Chat is the fastest way to engage customers and provide them with the support they need when visiting your online store.

Instant replies from your support specialist or proactive greetings from a chatbot will significantly increase your brand loyalty and convert the passer-bys in your website into paying customers.

Live chat support at your e-commerce store

✓ To Encourage Cross-Selling

Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon, once revealed that an incredible 35% of Amazon sales were a direct result of cross-selling. One of the most effective ways to encourage cross-selling is through promoting the ‘Relevant Products’ block. This can be implemented by creating banners showing complementary products as a cross-selling offer:

  • “You might also like”;
  • “Frequently bought together”;
  • “People who purchased this product also bought” etc.

Show your customers a perfect match to go with the product they view or have purchased.

Another way to hook and wow your customers is by sending a gift coupon or a discount for the next purchase.

Cross-selling at checkout page

✓ To Avoid Overloaded Design

Avoid information overload and long-running texts. These have proven to be sales killers, leaving customers confused or unable to make a decision. Organize all texts, images, and information blocks on the checkout page so that it can look simple, clear, and minimalistic.

No extra distractions, more white space.

Minimalistic design of checkout page


Making checkout a hassle-free part of the customer’s journey helps streamline revenue through a lower chance of abandoned carts.

Checkout page optimization is not restricted to the checkpoints fixed in our To-Do list. However, we find the ways suggested above to be effective and helpful, and able to greatly improve customer convertibility.

If you seek professional assistance with your Magento design and development project, contact NEKLO. Our Magento certified specialists are ready to become your partner.