April 29, 2024

NEKLO DIGEST #1: Quora Digest Questions on Magento eCommerce Trends

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO DIGEST #1: Quora Questions on Magento Ecommerce Trends

Dasha Korsik

Content Team Lead

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

NEKLO DIGEST #1: Quora Questions on Magento Ecommerce Trends

In 2022, ecommerce is predicted to go on progressing. To help merchants develop working strategies and adapt to the current landscape, NEKLO updates the first of our regular digests.

We always deliver expert opinions on the latest ecommerce trends. Our in-house developers, QAs, marketing specialists, and business analysts share professional vision on how to win the neverending ecommerce competition.

For the first NEKLO digest, we’ve collected 8 best Quora questions related to ecommerce and asked our сertified Magento expert Ilia Sokolov to comment on them.

Here we go.

Introduction: Why Watch Out for eCommerce Trends

Ecommerce has been facing continuous growth in recent years. According to the data reported by Statista, revenue in the ecommerce market will keep on growing. It is expected to amount to nearly US$3,000,000M by 2025, while the number of users is projected to be nearly 5,000,000 million.

It’s not likely that ecommerce would completely replace brick-and-mortar stores. However, we can see the tendency of increased adoption of digital strategy by merchants all over the world. Some of the most frequent cases include improvement through:

Ecommerce is evolving and every year brings new challenges and questions for entrepreneurs in this niche.

Below we provide thoughts of our expert Ilia on rewards and challenges related to custom ecommerce solutions and ecommerce development on Magento. These are the most interesting questions to ask about ecommerce in 2022.

Stay tuned.

Frequent Quora Digest Questions on eCommerce and Magento Development

Ilia Sokolov is a certified Magento developer with over 5 years of hands-on experience. At NEKLO, Ilia builds useful, feature-rich Magento extensions, and helps the team to fix, customize, and maintain Magento-based stores.

Entrepreneurs taking their first steps into ecommerce as well as top ecommerce companies are often faced with the same challenges and questions. We’ve gathered some of the Quora hot questions and asked our senior ecommerce developer to provide his professional point of view.

Together with Ilia, let’s go through the Quora digest questions and answers, recommendations, and predictions for technological advancement in ecommerce in 2022.

1. What is the next wave of innovation in ecommerce?

Ilia: “It’s not so easy to predict what the next ecommerce trends are. One of the most promising ways to determine the most successful conversion-boosting solution for online retailers is through A/B testing.

Besides, I expect a customer-centric approach to reach a new level through the integration of ecommerce platforms with services that collect stat data of users. It will help to make product offers more personalized.”

2. Why is Magento best for ecommerce website development?

Ilia: “A significant advantage that Magento 2 can offer is versatility. Its basic functionality is already enough to satisfy the major needs of web store owners.

If an “out-of-the-box” solution is not able to meet all the requirements, a large community of Magento developers is ready to give a hand and deliver ready-made extensions.

Ready-made Magento ecommerce extensions as well as custom options help to:

  • Improve web store’s functionality;
  • Enhance customer satisfaction;
  • Increase conversion rates.

Even experienced web store owners need to continuously upgrade their websites to keep up with the ever-changing customer demand. One of NEKLO clients, Lulu and Georgia, a US-based major home decor and furnishings brand, asked us to integrate their online store with the popular payment gateways like Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. Since Magento is fully customizable, we easily provided the necessary integrations. The result – the purchasing process has become quick and stress-free.”

To learn more about the benefits of Magento for online food shopping and delivery, check out our article on why Magento is the right ecommerce platform to launch a grocery online store.

3. What are the major advantages/disadvantages of using the Magento platform?

Ilia: “Apart from being customizable, Magento development offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • High level of security;
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools;
  • Feature-rich dashboard;
  • Strong SEO capabilities;
  • Scalability opportunities.

Magento’s weak points stem from its strengths, actually. The system is too big and complicated.

The major disadvantages of Magento that I would name are:

  • Relatively high development costs;
  • Necessity for continuous tech support;
  • Requirement for high server power.

These drawbacks make Magento a non-favourable solution for small businesses.”

If you are a small business owner planning to start an online store, take a look at our article featuring the essential steps to follow for the best takeoff of your ecommerce activity.

4. What are the best responsive Magento extensions top ecommerce companies offer?

Magento eCommerce responsive extesions: Instagram Feed, Share Buttons, Table Rate Shipping

Ilia: “Today’s consumer is really involved in online shopping, feeling totally comfortable making purchases from handheld devices like smartphones or tablets. To make purchasing from a smartphone smooth, your online storefront needs to stay in line with the responsive design best practices”

As part of Magento ecommerce development team at NEKLO, Ilia has been engaged in improving the shopping experience from mobile devices through Magento extensions such as:

Instagram Feed

This extension allows you to show the posts from your Instagram account right on the storefront. Through connecting your web store with one of the world’s most popular social media, you’re sure to attract more customers.

Key Features:

  • Custom-set cache lifetime;
  • Automatically built store view;
  • Total customization.

Instagram makes a great tool to develop an online business. Discover why our Instagram Feed extension is the good way to integrate Instagram into your web store.

Share Buttons

Share product pages you’ve liked with friends and family through a link in social media. NEKLO Share Buttons extension allows you to share any piece of content through just a single button.

Key Features:

  • All popular social media available;
  • Wide customization options;
  • Additional perks for Twitter accounts.

Extended Table Rate Shipping

Extended Table Rate for Magento 2 based stores extends the standard shipping set and makes the checkout process more convenient and smooth.

Key Features:

  • Latest shipping methods;
  • Unlimited number of carriers;
  • Automatic calculation of suitable shipping options.

More on the other NEKLO’s Magento social media extensions you will find in our Blog.

5. Is it truly worth switching to Magento 2 from Magento 1?

Ilia: “Magento 1 to 2 migration is no more an issue of personal preferences. Adobe doesn’t support Magento 1 anymore. Store owners who have not yet migrated [to M2], remain without the new security patches and technical support.

To migrate or not to migrate your online store to Magento 2 is not a question if you wish to have high quality protection of web store’s data and provide the customers with a secure shopping experience.”

Besides ultimate security, Magento 2 provides:

  • Increased page load speed;
  • Enhanced performance;
  • All the key integrations;
  • Improved Admin interface;
  • User-friendly, intuitive checkout.

Find out more about Magento 2 benefits for ecommerce businesses in our article.

6. What are the most common Magento ecommerce mistakes?

Ilia: “Talking about common mistakes in Magento ecommerce development solutions, I’d stop by the 3 points:

  • Relying on a shared hosting

As I’ve already mentioned, Magento requires high server power. So if you share the server with other Magento-based web stores to reduce your ecommerce website cost, you slow down the page speed and make sensitive data vulnerable to attack.

  • Wrong theme selection

A common mistake is to select a theme to the business owner’s tastes, while the best way to go is through choosing the theme that resonates with the tastes of your target audience.

When picking a theme for your Magento web store, keep in mind that it’s better to select a theme offering room for customizations. Else, you can opt for building one from scratch.

  • Non-responsive website design

Google requires websites to be easily accessible on mobile devices, on screens of various sizes. Not to lose a large number of customers who prefer shopping through their smartphones, opt for responsive design for your website. Our team can help you with this.”

To keep your web store up and running, check our to-do list. It will help to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

7. What are the best open source solutions top ecommerce companies recommend?

Ilia: “I’ve been working on ecommerce projects as part of software development for more than 5 years, and I would try to give a short overview of the top ecommerce platforms: Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop.”

Below is a table we’ve put together based on Ilia’s point of view.

Ilia: “Each of these [platforms] has its benefits and drawbacks. To me, the Magento ecommerce platform would seem the best website builder for ecommerce in terms of price/quality ratio and sure because I specialize in it. But, PrestaShop, Shopify, and BigCommerce are also worth your attention. The wise choice is to honestly answer one of the most important IT questions: what do I want this system to be capable of?”

Find out how you can create scalable and failure safe cluster MagentoCommerce using cloud hosting in this article.

8. What are the best examples of ecommerce on Facebook?

Ilia: “Together with Instagram, Facebook today has become a full-fledged platform to develop ecommerce businesses. Along with its powerful advertising tools, Facebook for ecommerce offers Facebook Shops. Merchants can now have an online storefront right on their FB page and Instagram.

The new Facebook ecommerce intention brings valuable benefits to ecommerce business owners:

  • Live Shopping Feature with an opportunity to sell products directly from the video;
  • Loyalty programs with convenient for customers bonus tracking;
  • Connection with customers via FB Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp.

I remember our team working on the Facebook Widget extension. The tool ended up being really helpful. It sells well as it helps merchants build a strong connection between their web store and Facebook. ”

Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. Don’t miss the opportunities it gives to ecommerce businesses and learn how Facebook impacts ecommerce development.  

Final Words on eCommerce Trends in 2022

A clear understanding of the perks and challenges of the ecommerce industry is the key to success. NEKLO Team hopes our digests will help find the answers to the most problematic ecommerce questions.

Moreover, our specialists are always ready to give you a hand in technical support and consulting. Together we will find the right solution to make your project take off as we are a team of experienced professionals, and we are proud that in 2020, TechReviewer acknowledged NEKLO as Top eCommerce Development Company.

In case you have your own questions for our Magento developers, just contact us through the form on our website or directly.

Let’s discuss how we can help to streamline your online store.